2 simple ways to connect with your Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

Many people contact me through this blog or at my online services site, wanting to know how to connect with their Spirit Guides – or to make the connections they already have deeper and clearer.

From personal experience so far – here are two suggestions

1. Consider creating a relationship with your Spirit Guides

I hadn’t really ever thought of doing this before, since my guides had always just been ‘there’.

This idea occurred to me recently – after more study in the Akashic Records.

In the Akashic work I am encouraged by my teacher to create a relationship with a group energy called the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.  I have felt this relationship grow and deepen over the last 18 months or so.

(Everyone has their own individual set of Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones – similar to spirit guides – for anyone accessing their Akashic Records).

So I’ve started chatting with my Spirit Guides outside of the Records (a differerent set of guides for different purposes) and the increase in connectedness has been striking.

2. Ask for confirmation that your Spirit Guides are present on a daily basis

This confirmation can be asked for, but not controlled by asking for conditions or specific occurrences (e.g. “Show me a blue butterfly!”).

Simply ask, surrender and wait for a sign.

The significance of the signs, validations or ‘winks from the Universe’ will be powerful and deeply meaningful to you!


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