3 simple ways to develop your intuition

Intuition or Inner Guidance

We all get gut feels or ‘hunches’, inner knowings, thoughts that ‘pop’ in, pictures and words and more….

Intuition or Inner Guidance can reach us in many ways when we allow it and are open

For example through…

  • Audible thoughts – clairvoyance
  • Visions – clairaudience
  • Feelings – clairsentience
  • Knowings – claircognizance
  • Taste – clairgustance
  • Smells – clairaliance
  • Touch – clairtangency
  • Emotion – clairempathy


To develop your intuition further, try these 3 simple exercises

1. The Mail Box/Post Box Intuition Exercise

Imagine what has arrived in your mailbox or PO Box today. Is the parcel you’ve been waiting for there?  What does ‘fullness’ or ’emptiness’ feel like to you intuitively and how could you apply this knowledge to this exercise?

2. The Phone Intuition Exercise

Who is calling you on the phone? Try intuitively sensing who it is each time.

You’ll get better and better at it and probably surprise a few callers with your knowledge!  What fleeting thoughts did you have just before the phone rang?  Sometimes the thought can be about a project or subject related to the phone call, rather than the person calling.

3. The ‘3’s Intuition Exercise

Notice the ‘3’s. Did you see 3 butterflies today for example? (I did!).

What does that mean to you intuitively?  (To me – with the butterflies – it means that Loved Ones who have passed are thinking of me).

Has somebody mentioned a new book to you 3 times…perhaps it’s time to read it, or a new supplement or juice?  Whatever it is, take note…this is synchronicity.

There are many ways to grow your intuition

Do you have a favorite game or exercise that you’d like to share?


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  1. I believe that all human beings have psychic ability, or strong intuitive instincts. Developed, it can enhance our ability to make better choices and decisions. I really enjoyed reading this article. It was well written and informative. I have used the mail box exercise and have found it to be very powerful. I will definitely give the others a try.

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