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psychicYou might be Psychic – my 4 signs

I recently read a blog post via Oprah’s media channel entitled ‘4 signs you might be psychic‘.  In it Laura Lynn Jackson, author of The Light Between Us: Stories from Heaven. Lessons for the Living, mentions that a couple of glasses of wine will make us more insightful because we relax.

Well, that may be true.  Several years ago now I was out on a date with my husband and had an after dinner liqueur coffee.  Love those things.

The drink was a strong one and made me a little jolly, so I got playful.  We were talking about psychic ability and I said I had to be careful not to be voyeuristic in restaurants.

Ever one for a challenge, my husband asked me to pick someone…so I checked out this guy at the bar and ‘saw’ these enormous fish swimming around his head.

We got up to pay the bill and I headed out to our truck, my husband following once he had paid.  He looked a little shocked.

He said

You were right about that guy at the bar – I overheard him talking and he is here for a big bass fishing competition

I was so surprised, I hit my head on the truck door!  That’ll teach me not to be so energetically voyeuristic next time.

A cautionary tale – and back to my 4 signs that you might be psychic

In more recent years I have learned that alcohol can make the edges of your energy field floppy and is to be avoided if you are using your psychic or intuitive skills to help clients.

After binge-watching the series ‘Medium’ about evidentiary medium Allison Dubois recently, I noticed that the character was initially knocking back a few beers to block her intuitive ability.  An ah-ha moment, as Oprah would say.

Sign 1 – do you rely on alcohol, sugar or some other substance to calm down?

After watching Medium, I realized that I use sugar, primarily chocolate when I feel overwhelmed and don’t want to process any more energetic information.  So, if you come away from group situations or a long day at work and just don’t want to have your brain whirring around trying to figure out everything you felt/heard/sensed/saw, then you may be trying to shut down the intuitive process.

Or just relaxing, of course.  But have a think about it.  If you perceive a little more than you would like to sometimes, and it doesn’t seem as apparent to others, your intuition may be in play and that can be tough to deal with.

Sign 2 – some houses or locations give you the creeps for no apparent reason

A sensitivity to the energy of a house or location is a psychic skill.  Some places you just do not like, or feel like you are being ‘watched’, or you just don’t want to be there.  You could be sensitive to energy, ley lines or the imprint of past events, even sensitive to disembodied spirits such as ghosts.

Or like me, you could have ended up staying in a haunted hotel and had a crazy experience as a result.  Yep, you could be a psychic medium.

Sign 3 – you often know somehow that somebody is not telling the truth, and it’s validated later

In general, this is considered to be a good human instinct.  But what if you are better at this than most?  You could be using the skill of clairsentience (clear-feeling) to get a ‘gut’ feel about a person and figure out that their outsides don’t match their insides.  This is indeed considered a psychic or intuitive ability.

Sign 4 – you often just know sometimes that things are going to happen

Sometimes you get a vision, or a feeling, or a thought and you realize you are seeing a possible outcome in the future.  This is precognition and the more you travel the spiritual path, the more this may happen to you.

If you are beginning to notice a pattern with premonitions, keep a journal and date and time stamp your predictions, you will soon see if you are really psychic or not.

Just today I freaked out my husband by telling him to say hello to a mutual friend.  He looked puzzled and said “But she doesn’t work in the building I’m going to”.  I thought I was mistaken, so I just said OK.

This evening he came in and said he was out with a colleague for dinner and this I mentioned friend walked up to him and said hello.  Now that’s a great sign that I might be psychic, right there.

Any of these signs apply to you?

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