Mom On A Spiritual Journey – about Sarah

Welcome Spiritual Seekers! Let me help you reconnect with your innate gifts so you can experience powerful personal growth.

Mom On A Spiritual JourneyYou found this blog on your Spiritual Journey of awakening.  Greetings fellow spiritual journeyer.

My name is Sarah Lawrence Hinson and I founded Mom On A Spiritual Journey in 2010.

I started my spiritual journey in earnest about 16 years ago.  I have always been energy sensitive and intuitively aware.

Over time as a result of following this spiritual journey, I found that my entire life changed, including planetary location, partner, future career path – and I became a mother!

Being a Mom On A Spiritual Journey can be about anything from life lessons through to simply learning to take care of oneself.

As Ursula Le Guin says – It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end


What you can find here on the Mom On A Spiritual Journey Blog

  • Useful blog posts for your journey
  • Podcasts to listen to along the way
  • Information about alternative wellness options such as homeopathy and essential oils (good health is part of the Journey!)
  • Spiritually Healthy Giveaways
  • Intuitive, Akashic and Energetic sessions with me via Skype or Phone.


Learn more on your journey

I offer a number of free resources to help you on your Journey.


For a more direct experience of my approach…

I offer Akashic Records Readings, Intuitive Readings and Personal Energy Coaching via Skype or Phone.

Click or tap here to see what’s available>>>


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