How to read the Akashic Records of a house (yes, that’s right!)

The Akashic Records of non-living things

It is possible to read the Akashic Records of non-living things (as we know them, Spock!). But how could that be useful in everyday life?

Buying a house and reading the Akashic Records

Now we all know that buying a house is can be stressful.  It’s important to be able to stay centered and focused – and do some internal processing to understand what we really want when we’re looking for a house, what is most important about it…and how we can let some things go from our list of wants and desires.  No small task.

Believe me, I know a few things about choosing a place to live

I have owned three different properties in the UK, rented two more there and have rented two different properties here in the US, plus I’m a co-owner of a property in Kansas.

Our family ended up here after house purchases (and sales) in both California and Maryland.   Floor plans? I’ve reviewed them.   School districts?   Learned about those through experience, too.   House problems?  Had a few – and not too few to mention.  We had fun with a cracked foundation slab in our CA home – and so did the ants!

Many of these moves and purchases were done whilst raising two small children.  I distinctly remember trying to close a sale on our house in Lemoore, CA with an agent sitting next to me, the buyer on the phone and my oldest daughter trying to stick her finger in my other ear and talk to me – and my husband out of state.  So what’s stressful about that?!

Trouble selling a house in Maryland 2008

Our timing couldn’t have been worse.  We were trying to sell our house and move out of state just as the housing market began to crash in 2008.

Somehow I just knew we would sell our house if we could leave it.  My husband had already moved out of state (to Kansas) for his new job and I had the task of keeping our house up to snuff with two small girls in tow.

We had a few viewers and even considered renting as the house prices continued to drop everywhere.  Finally, the girls and I moved to Kansas and left the house empty. Shortly before we left, a lunar moth attached itself to our front door for two days.  Now that…I considered a sign!

Maryland Psychic helps out!

A colleague in Maryland helped me with a reading on our house after we had moved out.  She told me that a school teacher had seen the house and really liked it…but had not wanted to make an offer because she had an outstanding rental agreement. The psychic told me that the teacher’s name was Mary – she said

“Ask for Mary”.

I asked the Agent if a woman named Mary had seen the house and she confirmed the fact.  This was the point that I got excited!  The lady’s name was Mary Braun and she is a lecturer at St Mary’s College nearby.

The agent confirmed that Mary did indeed have an outstanding rental agreement and also had stated that she loved our house.  After some thought and internet research…we found a way to help Mary get out of her rental agreement and be able to buy our house.

Now it’s true we took some of a loss (but it was on money we had made in the ‘boom’ in CA the few years previously).  I remember saying at the time we sold in California – why did we make so much money so quickly – somebody has to pay for that!!

So Mary bought our house and wrote us a letter to thank us for the beautiful energy the house contained and the care and trouble we had taken to work with her in order to make the move.

Now it was our turn to buy a house again in 2011…

After this experience and move plus the state of the housing market 2008-2012 we decided to stay put in our very pleasant rental house.

Lawn care came included, so after all of our moves and upheavals and my husband’s retirement from the US Navy we just took it easy for a while.  During that time I undertook new studies and became qualified as an Akashic Records Reader.

To read the Akashic Records of a House

The Records of the House need to be open, that is – the house is for sale or rent.  This means that the owner has given their permission for the house to be viewed – and Akashic Records Readers can view it too since this means permission has been given energetically!

Permission is important when reading the Akashic Records of a House

Reading a house without some form of permission from the owner is basically prurient and bad form.  Who wants to be an energetic voyeur, after all?

If the house is on the market, then its Records are considered to be open. (It’s the same reading for people, you need the person’s permission, their full legal name, and their direct permission to read their Records.)
On our house search in Kansas we liked one house after the first visit and wanted to go back again, so I opened the Records in order to check it out.

I got a very clear reading that something was up with the sump pump in the basement (the seal) and that there were some foundational cracks that needed work

When we went back for the second viewing, the realtor apologized and said that the sump pump had broken the night before, causing the furnace room to flood and the lower patio outside. There had been heavy rain the night before.

As I looked out of the window I saw that one of the side walls from the lower patio had large cracks in it where water was seeping through into the ‘pit’ or lower patio. These would not have been apparent unless the sump had failed.

We decided not to buy that house (not just for that reason) and I used the Akashic Records to read for the house we have now lived in since last September 2012.  No problems were detected from my Akashic Records Reading and we’ve lived there happily since then.

Interested in an Akashic Records Reading for yourself or a house? Contact me here.

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