An Energetic Reset for the New Year | Refreshing the energy is always good for our state of mind | A different kind of New Years Resolution

energetic resetAn Energetic Reset for the New Year – different to a New Years’ Resolution?

An Energetic Reset?  When our family lived in Southern MD over 3 years ago now, I would often take my children onto the Naval Base there and down to an area where there was a playground, a natural beach and a great view of part of the Chesapeake Bay.

My husband asked me one time “Why do you always go there?”  I replied “Because it gives me an Energetic Reset“.

Something about the combination of the location, the natural state of the beach (rescued an ancient mariner there once – a horseshoe crab who was upside down! 🙂 ) and the wide open views would clear my head, my mind and my energy.

I would often go to the beach and meditate after I dropped the children off at school and come away refreshed and reset, energetically.  I went there specifically to get my Energetic Reset!

Refreshing the energy – an Energetic Reset is always good for our state of mind

However you go about it, I believe an Energetic Reset is an important part of spiritual practice.  Watching a few more of Oprah’s Life Classes on OWN over the holiday season, I noticed her talking about it – she calls it “Restoration”.

A short version for her is to sit under a tree and read a favorite book or poem for half an hour.

I think even half an hour is important and contributes to our overall well-being and ability to manage stress.

Three simple ways to create your own Energetic Reset – long or short

You don’t need the New Year to create your own Energetic Reset, but sometimes it’s nice to ‘ride on the wave’ of all of our good intentions and new energy around this time of year!

Here are three simple ways to create your own Energetic Reset, or restoration.

I’d be interested to hear of any others you may already be practicing and if you have any other terms that you use.

Often different words will resonate differently with other people and they will notice their own moment of truth.  (My words for Oprah Winfrey’s term of the “Ah-ha moment”).

  • (My favorite) go to a place in nature that is meaningful and peaceful to you.  Quiet the mind and take time to tune in to your surroundings, the sounds, activities – even simply the wind blowing.
  • Clear some clutter from your house or location.  It doesn’t have to be a big clear out – simply rearranging a drawer that you use everyday will start the energy moving.
  • Burn sage and use the smoke to clear your energy field.  If you’ve never tried this it really does feel nice!

Interested in other forms of working with your energy?  You might find my Using Energy Work page useful.

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  1. Just imagine if everyone did this….
    great post.

  2. For me, going on walks in the countryside, no matter what the weather, really fills me with peace and joy, so much so that a big part of me wants to move to the country :o)

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