Does animal communication work?

Animal Communication

Recently via my colleague Janet Roper at Talk2theAnimals I was introduced to the concept of Animal Communication via the work of Anna Breytenbach.

That way I was also connected with a video excerpt from a movie made about Anna and her work telling the story of a black leopard called Diabolo, rescued from a zoo where he was abused.

Anna used her animal communication abilities to help Diabolo transform in many ways (including his name) and to help his carers transform their lives and the lives of the other big cats in their care also.

Here’s the video. If you love it, share it – I believe we all need to learn more about animal communication from this perspective.

Anna’s work has gone viral and now her trainings are fully booked for the next year! (I know because I checked!).

So, in the mean time I resumed work with my little dog Pickle (not a black leopard for sure, but since I’m a home mom I have to start my animal communication somewhere – black leopards aren’t that handy in Wichita, KS!).

Animal Communication about a pet’s history

As odd as it may sound I’ve opened my pet’s Akashic Records before and learned a lot from her about her past.

This can be one of the most effective ways to put an animal at ease, especially a rescue. In Pickle’s case she was very nervous when first living with us and used to run and hide if I picked up a dishcloth.

Despite being mild-mannered most of the time, she also displays a regular dislike of tall men in hoodies and F150 trucks. (She growls if one goes by the house).

So with a little observation we can all begin to build a picture of our pet’s past history.

My dog Pickle thought she hadn’t been a good dog

I’ve learned from the Akashic Records that Pickle was most concerned she was left with strangers by her previous carer because she “wasn’t a good dog”.  That was really her main concern.

I’ve continued to reassure her about that and she has relaxed and become much more confident.

She has always been really obedient and eager to please, no behavioral issues (other than the dachshund breed ones – such as liking to roll in something smelly – but that is instinct and part of how she was bred for hunting.  Dachshunds disguise their smell before they hunt.

A really big change happened recently after learning about Anna Breytenbach’s animal communication work

Pickle always loves it when we give her a new toy. She especially likes the lambswool type, over a few weeks the thing will get disemboweled and chewed and rolled on, then we give her another.

This time though I gave her the toy after several days of practicing Anna’s techniques.

Pickle picked the toy up and paraded it around the house.  5 times.  She’s never done that before.

Most surprising of all, when it was time to go on the walk she presented herself at the front door with the toy in her mouth. Oh.

She has NEVER done that before either and we’ve had her for 3 years.

So we went on the walk, twice she asked me to hold the toy so she could do her business, the rest of the time she walked very proudly holding the toy in her mouth.

Well, something has changed!

What do you think about animal communication?

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  1. Her work is amazing i came across the video a while ago and it really resonated with me, as a child i used to talk to trees i’m guessing the same way. I stumbled across your wonderful site when i found your article about the horse you talked to, i had a very simular experience. Thanks for making this blog its wonderful.

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