Authenticity and what it means to me on Brené Browns Online eCourse the Gifts of Imperfection

Week 2 of Brené Brown’s Course – the Gifts of Imperfection

Things they are a-changing.

I believe many people would benefit from this course – and many have stepped up so far.

Wholehearted and Open-hearted

First of all, I was blown away by Oprah’s open-hearted sharing on the introductory video this week.

Reminding us all of how authentic so many men were about their childhood abuse on her show.  That was a life changing event for so many people, and not just those in the studio holding up pictures of themselves as children in full view of the cameras.

Week 2, another photograph

So this week, we have been asked to find a photograph of ourselves, a ‘selfie’ or a photograph from our personal history that displays the authentic self.

I am digging around for a photo I know exists – it’s a picture my mother took when I was young. I was kneeling on a beach at the mouth of the Newtown River on the Isle of Wight, UK, and throwing my energy out to connect with the beautiful natural surroundings, trees, birds and ocean around me.

My mum knew that is what I was doing, which is why she took the picture without me being aware of it.  I’ll add it here when I can find it.

It’s me at my best and most authentic.  I can’t find it though, so for now I’m going with another one that resonates.  (See above).

Authentic me – connectedness

Even as a small child, I knew there was magic for me in being this way above all other ways.  I’m connected, complete, and completely me. My mum knew it, too, and she’s feeling it when this picture is being taken.

I see the Old Soul in my eyes when I look at this picture…before people taught me how not to demonstrate that.

Connectedness and energy in my daughters

My younger daughter throws her energy out in the same way, especially when we’re driving in the car.

I see her looking out the window and I just know.  The only way I can explain it, it’s as if I expand and feel at the same time, even communicate.  It’s a beautiful spiritual practice and something I just do, and so does she.

And it’s definitely NOT what I have often been told it is throughout my life…

being dreamy, not paying attention, being too sensitive, introverted…

No. It is not those things. It’s me, being me!

Authenticity as a practice

The other aspect of this course that I’m mulling over this week is something I heard Brené Brown say on one of the videos. She talks about authenticity and says

“I used to think that people were either authentic or inauthentic. Now I believe that authenticity is a practice”.

Love this! It’s so honoring of people and yet freeing at the same time.  It helps everyone.

We are then free to admit that sometimes we have not been practicing authenticity all the time in our lives, rather than spending time and energy judging ourselves (and others) for being inauthentic.

We can begin to identify WHEN we are authentic and when we are not, and use the tools given on the course to get ourselves back on track. And for those of us with children -they are watching…

We also had to ask ourselves and answer these 4 questions

gifts of imperfection

Q: What do I see when I look at her?

A: A shy, sensitive child.

Q:  What do you love and appreciate about her?

A: She’s here to help, nurture and share.

Q: What makes her light shine?

A: Being connected and being accepted for who she is.

Q: What can I do to take care of her?

A: Acknowledge her sensitivities and honor them as gifts.

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