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Be Your Own Shaman Heal Yourself and Others With 21st Century Energy Medicine by Deborah King

Be Your Own Shaman be your own shamanBe Your Own Shaman: Heal Yourself and Others with 21st-Century Energy Medicinebe your own shaman really is worth some of your precious reading time if you are ready to move further forward on the spiritual journey and have further questions about the nature of energy medicine.

As a self-confessed spiritual book-aholic I usually have 2 or three books open at once…but when I picked up Be Your Own Shaman by Deborah King I had to put the others down for a couple of days.

You may already be your own Shaman – you just haven’t recognized it yet!

Be Your Own Shaman gives some really new modern definitions to the term Shaman and also gives some excellent explanations about energy medicine and methods for moving forward on your own spiritual journey.

Deborah King redefines the word ‘shaman’ to mean “somebody who expands his or her consciousness and conducts healing energy to help others resolve whatever is ailing them on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes”.

She also says that you can be your own shaman.  Defined as everyone being a natural-born self-healer with abilities of our own, even if they are dormant right now and defines our abilities in everyday simple terms.

For example…if you’ve already had the experience where you ‘knew’ who was calling you, then you have already expanded your consciousness in some way.

What I’ve learned so far from Be Your Own Shaman

As Deborah says in her video, the book is entertaining if you are drawn to this area of awareness and consciousness.

Be your own shaman be your own shaman
There are also great tools in this book from meditation techniques to psychic protection techniques.  I don’t normally like to deface a book with notes, but in this case my pencil was out and underlining words and marking the margin within 10 minutes of starting to read.

So far I have learned

  • How to practice the Microcosmic Orbit meditation
  • That I really do need to practice more recapitulation (originally read this exercise from Carlos Casteneda’s work…and there is more work to be done!
  • That I’m not the only one who has experienced dark energies manifesting overhead at night AND I’m not the only one who has struggled to remove them without good techniques and training
  • That even as a regular energy worker and spiritual practitioner I need to do the Filling my Chakras exercise more often since I am more drained of energy than I previously thought…

Be Your Own Shaman – online resources

Be Your Own Shaman You can buy Be Your Own Shaman: Heal Yourself and Others with 21st-Century Energy Medicinebe your own shaman online and Deborah King also appears regularly on Hay House Radio.

You can also head to her website and I particularly like the resources page.

…back to work for me on becoming my own Shaman.

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