Making new friends on BlogFrog | Sharing the properties of turquoise the gemstone – protector and symbol of friendship

Turquoise the gemstone some properties – while making friends on my new BlogFrog Community Page!

Properties of turquoise

My turquoise pendant hanging out on an amethyst cluster – wonder if I like it cause the dark part looks like a map of the UK?

Here’s some thoughts and information on the properties of turquoise, the gemstone and some thoughts on networking.  A lot of people find that they are drawn to working with crystals on the spiritual journey.

Now that the girls have settled back into school after Arianna’s allergic reaction and Callie and I going down with the stomach flu last week (won’t write about that just yet if you’ll forgive me!) decided it was time to get back to one of the other jobs on my ‘blogging’ list…networking.

Networking, the BlogFrog Community and the properties of turquoise – go with me, here!

Whilst joining a newer networking group in Wichita I found myself thinking ‘what IS networking, anyway?’

One of the people in the group who is technically minded asked me ‘what are you ON?’ and I replied with the usual, ‘Oh you know, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn..’.  And she responded with urgency ‘No, what are you ON?’.  This was obviously an important question to her.

I really didn’t know what she meant, but I decided to think about it later, as another part of the meeting began and we needed to listen.

Since I’ve started to ask the question ‘What is Networking’ and attended a second meeting…the answer is beginning to become apparent…

The properties of networking…

Oh.  I needed to connect with people in different ways to share the messages on the blog further.  Just hanging up my blogging shingle and learning a lot about Search Engines wasn’t enough – although it was a very good start.

Truth is, when I ran a business before, I was already ‘in’ the network providing services to clients, so when my business partner and I created a new service, we simply marketed it to our existing network.  Oh!

So as a start I joined BlogFrog, which is a community network for bloggers and readers of blogs alike who have information to share through forums, discussions and blog posts.

(It’s called BlogFrog because once you’re logged in you can hop from blog to blog).

Found a blog post from BlogFrog which talks about the love of turquoise

This got me of course to thinking about crystals and the properties of turquoise – why is turquoise jewellery so popular?

As you can see above I have a favorite turquoise piece that I especially love to wear when traveling – protection when traveling is one of the properties of turquoise.

Properties of Turquoise

Love Is In The Earth by Melody – one of my favorite crystal and gemstone reference books

properties of turquoiseAnd then while I’m linking and networking on BlogFrog (and thanks by the way to everyone who has commented on my blog so far from BlogFrog – you folks are awesome!) I come across a ‘linky’ attached to a post about the love of turquoise – so I can network and talk about the properties of turquoise at the same time – not going to pass that up!
properties of turquoise

So, is this list below about the properties of turquoise or the properties of networking?  You decide!

  • Being protected while traveling to new places
  • Making new connections with people by saying ‘hi’ and being able to make new friends/connections easily and in a relaxed manner
  • Stimulates the throat, heart and navel chakras, opening communication skills, dealing well with emotional issues, creativity and intuition
  • Valuable for grounding, staying present but accessing intuition at the same time
  • Induces wisdom and understanding
  • Promotes spontaneity

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for helping to spread the word about BlogFrog and so glad you signed up and are meeting other interesting bloggers. So nice to discover your blog! Keep up the great work!

    Holly, Co-founder BlogFrog

  2. Turquoise is great for detoxing too, it works even better when you combine it with amethysts.

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