Indigo Children

What is an ‘Indigo Child’ or who are ‘Indigo Children’?  And it’s NOT about blue auras it’s about synesthesia

The term ‘Indigo Children‘ was originally coined by a practitioner called Nancy Ann Tappe who has an unusual and scientifically verifiable neurological condition, called ‘synesthesia’.  It disturbs her brain functions enough that when she eats potatoes for example, she ‘tastes triangles’.

Nancy is not the only recorded person to be able to do this, Google synesthesia to find out more…or you may have this skill yourself, I’ve personally met three people so far who can do this (or will admit to doing this!), in different ways.

Indigo Children

Nancy Ann Tappe – able to see the Indigo life color through synesthesia from

The term Indigo Children sprung from Nancy Tappe’s ability to perceive organized consciousness as a color – indigo!

In Nancy’s case, she found that she could interpret people’s body energy, electromagnetic energy or simply the energy that people radiate, and found that she could organize the colors she perceived into a system that clearly and accurately interprets personality types.

She then ran workshops for many years using this system and wrote a book called ‘Understanding Your Life Thru Color‘.

There are famous synesthetes in the world with many gifts

According to Wikipedia, some well-known synesthetes include Billy Joel, Tori Amos and Stevie Wonder.

It’s often purported that the famous composer Ludwig Van Beethoven was a synesthete, since when he became deaf in later life he still continued to compose music by ‘seeing’ the notes in color.

Nancy Tappe starts to ‘see’ a new color around some children – Indigo

Over time Nancy started noticing that a ‘new’ color was appearing around many children and young adults that she hadn’t seen before – the color Indigo according to her view of the world as a synesthete.

She attributed this phenomenon to a genus of ‘New Children on the Block’ who seemed to have evolved new and different ways of perceiving the world than previous generations.

Unfortunately this term has become confused in the public eye with blue auras or energy fields which some people can perceive around fellow humans.

Indigo Children are the New Kids on the Block – in an evolutionary sense

So from the frame of this blog, Indigo Children are defined as children of the New Consciousness, who can perceive, understand and move through the world in ways not previously available to us as humans.

One of thIndigo Childrene first people to notice this phenomenon was Nancy Tappe, who ‘sees’ people’s personality patterns by viewing their colors through her synesthetic abilities.  NOT blue auras, but synesthetic ability.

Lee Carroll and the Indigo Children Books

Lee Carroll, one of the main channels for the entity ‘Kryon’ in the USA, has written two very informative books about the Indigo Children.

He was one of the people who originally attended Nancy Tappe’s workshops and began to channel information about the Indigos.

Both books are very useful resources for parents who think they may have Indigo children, or younger people who become aware of their own ‘Indigo’-ness.

Lee Carroll’s second book on this subject The Indigo Children – Ten Years Later – is a great resource for those dealing with the ‘new kids on the block’ and their very special ways of relating to the world.

It can be tough to be raising a system-buster who knows what she or he wants and refuses to fit in to existing social norms.Indigo Children

I experience these issues first hand with my older daughter, and I’ve always been very grateful to have been referred to Lee’s first book The Indigo Children when I was pregnant with her.

(Two psychics at Edgar Cayce’s ARE – Association for Research and Enlightenment) independently read her and suggested I buy the book so I could understand how to work with my new baby).

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  1. Hello my friend,

    Couldn’t remember if I had told you that I have synesthesia and so does my sister (although hers differs from mine). I can see certain feelings. The most intense and spectacular is during birth. More subtly – cuddles, breastfeeding, fear, guilt, hunger, stress.

    May I suggest you read the book – Born on a Blue Day.

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