Using Affirmations

Using Affirmations – how to go about it

Using affirmationsSome easy ways to get into the habit of using affirmations

  1. Write them on yellow sticky notes for your bathroom mirror, wallet or purse
  2. Buy an app for your phone! 🙂  See this blog post for some ideas.
  3. 3 x 3 rule, minimum.

When I’m using affirmations, I like to say an affirmation a minimum of three times each time, three times a day, more if needed – you can say them aloud or in your head if necessary!

 Why is it a good idea to make using affirmations part of my spiritual practice or personal development?

Using affirmations work because they are language which is positively framed.

Our brains have to process the words that we speak and the language we use in order to understand what we are saying to ourselves or others (in NLP™ or Neuro-Linguistic Programming this is called ‘internal dialogue’.)

You may have heard of ‘negative self-speak’, which is often installed or added to your mind by others when you are growing up.  (No judgement, just a fact of life).

As our brains actively process the same words or phrases over and over, we are helping to create neural pathways and experiences, associations and responses which we connect with particular words, positive or negative.

 Using Affirmations, Positive or Negative, triggers an experience in our mind which we then ‘live’ all over again

When we re-iterate those words by saying them out loud or in our minds, we ‘trigger’ the positive or negative experiences in our minds and feel them all over again, generating a specific chemical response with the physical reaction, whether the association was good or bad.

 Using affirmations can create better neural pathways (more positive associations emotionally) and therefore more healthy brain chemistry

So when actively using affirmations, we can help re-program our brains.  If you want to read more about this, here’s a useful article from The Awakening Center.

Here are three examples of using affirmations – the first is my favorite from Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life

I approve of myself

Using Affirmations
Now this might seem like a really simple and perhaps rather odd thing to say to yourself if you’re new to using affirmations.  I can only say about it…if you are in ANY kind of tough place, this is the one for you, and as many times as possible, as Louise Hay says in her book, even 500 times a day!

I heard this second affirmation from Martha Beck this year on Oprah Winfrey’s excellent Life Class series, and I say it aloud when I walk to my mailbox.  If you’re at all interested in using affirmations to activate abundance and the Law of Attraction, then this is the affirmation for you!

Every time I turn my back, a check comes in the mail.

And finally, here’s one for you to try out if you decide to start using affirmations, or are being re-minded by this page to do so.  You fill in the blanks!

As I move further forward on my spiritual journey, I become more and more ____________.  My intuition becomes a natural part of my life and I step into my soul-fulfilled life purpose of ________________.

(If you’re not sure about the life purpose part yet when using affirmations, just stop after the word ‘purpose’).

Interested in Using Affirmations as part of your Spiritual Practice?

You may find my Intuitive Coaching Session beneficial.

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  1. Hi Sarah – I needed this! Thanks. Post more on affirmations and changing negative thought patterns. Tell us stories of those that had success in “anticipatory thinking”. I believe in the affirmations, but I have had difficulty keeping up the habit of practicing it! HA! I definitely enjoyed our talk last fall. Let’s do it again! – Cheryl

    • Thanks Cheryl,

      Glad to be of service! Also grateful for the blog suggestions – will do! Also working on some freebies to help with affirmation work, meditation and changing thought patterns, be available during the next few weeks. I love your term ‘anticipatory thinking’. Will get to work. After Spring Break, I’ll connect and we’ll get together.


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