Using Meditation

Using Meditation – good for our brains, bodies and health as well as our minds and spirits!

Using MeditationNeuroscientists at Harvard Medical School, using fMRIs (functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery), have proven that regular meditators increase the healthy functioning of their immune systems.

Meditation can also reduce your blood pressure, encourage heart health and give you a relaxation response.

Using Meditation – some useful techniques

Meditation techniques I have experienced and find useful are:-

  • Guided meditation– listening to a DVD, podcast or some kind of kind recording that guides the meditator through the process, great for relaxing.
  • Autogenics – a mind-body process using internally repeated phrases in the head to program a strong relaxation response – very easy to do, anytime, anywhere and some processes literally take only two minutes.  Here’s a link to a useful site.
  • Moving meditations – I find tai chi and yoga to be great meditative techniques as well as body toning, stretching or relaxing exercise, since they are both disciplines which IMHO encourage energy flow through the body as well as relaxation in the mind.
  • Nia is excellent also, and a technique shared by those in the EMF Balancing Technique® community called UCL® Tai Chi, a combination of Tai Chi and energy balancing techniques.
  • Shamanic journeying – listening to a drumming CD, laying down, eyes closed, whilst focusing on a particular question or area of life. I learnt this skill with two different Shamanic practitioners. (You need to spend some time with a Shamanic Practitioner to learn this and be prepared to write down or journal your notes afterwards. An ancient practice, still very effective in modern times!)

You don’t need to twist yourself into a pretzel or play music if you’d prefer not to, using meditation every day can be very easy to do

I recently wrote this post with examples of three simple ways to meditateIf you’re new to meditation and wondering where to start, you may find it useful.

Also below see a video from the MedMob movement with more information.

Interested in learning more about meditation?

I can recommend meditation techniques specifically for you with my Online Intuitive Coaching Session.

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