Dr Oz takes a look at homeopathy … and his wife uses homeopathic remedies with their children!

Dr Oz Features homeopathy on his show this week!

Here’s a link to a video of Dr Oz discussing homeopathy with Dr Russ Greenfield MD.  It’s a great day for homeopathy in the USA today!  Dr Oz says on the video that “My wife uses homeopathic remedies with my kids before she’ll even tell me they have an issue, that’s how much she trusts it.”

They discuss the use of Arnica, Arnica gel, and Nux Vomica.  I hope you watch, enjoy and share.  By the way, please note I have added a new tool to each post and page on this site, it’s called ‘Shareaholic’ 🙂 and allows you to share any post or page easily with the vehicle of your choice, e.g. Facebook, Gmail and so on.  If you want me to add more options to this list for sharing, just let me know.  And in the mean time, please share away.  Let’s become shareaholics for positive causes!

It’s just a sound bite…

The clip is a little short since Dr Oz covered several other areas, so it doesn’t go into too much detail on the proven scientific evidence of homeopathy so far, so here’s is another link for reference from Dana Ullman’s blog at the Huffington Post.   Also I would add that I have used Nux Vomica specifically for constipation rather than stomach upsets.

Happy Friday!

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