Empath Moms and Children

Empathy – being empathic

Meaning from the Urban Dictionary – A person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation.

Empath Mom work on a Saturday morning

So after a busy week my girls get up this morning and start the pressure.  “Let’s watch the movie we saw last night (again)”. It was a great movie.

Oh…but then there’s the promises my older daughter made about getting her homework done on a Saturday morning…and frankly the younger one needs a shower.

Then there’s the to-do list

  1. housecleaning
  2. yard work
  3. weekly food shop
  4. laundry.

THAT to-do list never goes away.

The Resentment starts to build and as an Empath Mom I really feel it

I think to myself

…and I have creative work of my own I’d love to do – why should it go on the back burner?


I’ve played mom taxi all week and worked at my own job, plus i made the packed lunches, cleaned up, volunteered at school, cooked dinner and tidied my arms off.


Today is the day I stop being the empath mom and sponge!

I push back the heavy energy I’m feeling from my children. As women we’re often taught to absorb it and keep the peace…and the resentment builds.

I breathe and remember…

empath mom
Louise Hay says

“Cancer is the result of resentment, long held within the body”.

Christiane Northrup OBGYN, MD says

“PMS is the result of the times when we can’t give back to ourselves during the rest of the month”.

empath mom
I say no to any more of that energetic build-up – I am an empath…yet I can learn to identify what is my stuff and choose what I feel.

My oldest is now doing her homework and the youngest is on her second shower…since the first time she decided that washing her hair wasn’t required – wet the ends and mom might not notice. I noticed.

Being an empath mom is a gift – and sometimes a struggle, even a curse

I will not take on my children’s feelings and feel it for them, mop up for them, make their life easier – just because I can feel it so intensely.

Empath moms need to set boundaries more than most!

I plan on showing my kids my extensive selection of homeopathic remedies. “If you have a stuck feeling – use Overwhelm – it will open the heart and mind and get the energy moving”.

They can use yoga to stretch their bodies…they can use deep breathing and run around the garden 5 times when they are mad. It’s really up to them.

What I won’t allow and can’t have any more is the silent projection of their energy at me…so that I soak it up and feel it for them. It’s not good for my health!

The Empath Mom Archetype

I wonder how many other Empath Moms are out there…what and how much negative energy you have been soaking up for your children or partners? It may be one of those Agreements that you didn’t realize you had made.

Tell me more!

About Sarah Lawrence Hinson

A Mom On a Spiritual Journey! Sarah writes about modern spiritual practice and alternative wellness. Check out the podcasts too. She offers Akashic Records Readings, Energy Work and Intuitive Work via Skype at 'NewWorldEnergetics' or phone at 316 247 4144.


  1. Being an empath is something I struggle with daily. It is my biggest weakness, but when I am balanced, it is my biggest strength. Glad to know I am not alone in this struggle.
    Liska xx

  2. Hi Sarah
    I am an Empath also, but it wasn’t until I read this that I put two and two together! You are so totally right!!
    I have two boys that love to challenge me and now I understand why I am so drained. I have been taking on board their emotions as my own. I guess as a Mum this is just so easy to do, because of course we want to love and nurture our children. I can see now the relationship Empathy and mothering have.
    It has its benefits too, of course, because I know my babies so well. But I am now going to choose not to take on board emotions that I don’t need and regain the energy I’ve been lacking.
    Namaste x

    • Hi Jesse

      Happy to hear that this post resonates. I have felt a lot better since I have come to this realization. We can be energetic and still support our children too…in fact, it’s better for them to see us that way.

      Woo hoo!


  3. Hi Sarah,
    I am an emotional empath. My three sons test me everyday. I find that cutting psychic ties and clearing my energy field each morning and night has helped my energy levels profoundly. Being in nature also helps me release heavy energy.

  4. I came upon this as I look for solutions in taking on my 3yo’s energetic and constant attention demands, temper tantrums and mood swings. I am definitely an empath in need of guidance regarding how to put up those emotional boundaries so I don’t absorb hers! When I’ve had time to recharge my batteries, I’m much better at this, but what about the times when I just can’t recharge? (I have a helpful spouse but no other family, babysitters, neighbors, etc so sometimes recharging isn’t possible for awhile). Thanks so much for this article, it helps to just know I’m not alone!

  5. I needed this. Motherhood was becoming too frustrating. Felt like all my family does is take, and take and take. Time to set boundaries.

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