So you’re an empath – where do you start?

Empaths – where to start?

Recently on my facebook page a client considering having an Akashic Records Reading wanted to ask me some questions about being an empath.

empathShe asked

I am just beginning the spiritual journey of my empathic abilities and would like some information.


I’ve read some of your blog and it is very helpful.

Where do I go to find a community of like-minded people? I did a group regression with (a fellow practitioner) and managed what she thinks is a full regression and in the process endured quite a bit of pain in the process.

I’d like to know how to better develop my abilities and learn what they mean on a higher self level. Thank you for your direction.

What an excellent question.

Here is where I believe it will help a lot of Empaths to start

I replied…

Welcome to the journey.

So you are making progress and learning more about your empathic abilities.

Here are some directions I would suggest, see what resonates.

I would highly recommend first of all googling Judith Orloff’s work, she is an Empath and a practicing psychologist and has written several great books, starting with Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life would be good.

She also has an excellent Facebook community called the Empath Support Community, over 4000 members and growing!

I haven’t found any communities in Wichita as yet (if you are here) so you can at least start with an online community. If you are here perhaps it’s time to start an empath group.

I offer Personal Energy Coaching using the Akashic Records as a starting block (energetic record of all our thoughts, emotions, happenings in this life and the past, past lives included) so I can offer you professional assistance there if that is what you are looking for. In the meantime, welcome to the world of the empath.


Oh, also check out Elaine Aaron PhD’s excellent site on being highly sensitive.


What’s the difference between highly sensitive and empath?

Another excellent question.

(This is my humble opinion) there are Highly Sensitive People (with physical or neurological sensitivities) who are not empathic.

There are Empaths (for example an emotional empath who can feel others emotions) who are not Highly Sensitive.

And then there are some of us, with both.

So in my case I am Highly Sensitive to light frequencies, certain noises and I am also — these days — an energy empath, so I can feel and read people in particular ways.

Some people are neither, some people are one or the other and some are both. All part of the journey.

Highly Sensitive Empaths and Premonitions?

Ok, one more question before I start with this great research. Do highly sensitive empaths have that ability to perceive events that have yet to happen? If so, is that an ability that can be honed?


I answered…

LOL. Love the question. I believe many do, since I do, but of course I can only speak from my experience.

We may see visions, feel things, sense or hear things.

I decided over 20 years ago now to begin the journey and have learned to accept and embrace my skills along the way.

With psychic gifts, imagine yourself as a spirit radio. When you make an agreement with your guides to expand the bandwidth you will see more, feel more, sense more, hear more.

For example, I went away at the weekend and my guides were insistent verbally saying there would be flight delays on the way home and there were. I felt comforted and sorted out flight re-booking for me and my girls without stress because I already knew before I got the info from the airline that it was going to happen.

Doesn’t happen with everything of course, but embracing that kind of gift does help. I’d be delighted to read for you when you are ready, just let me know.

Great questions from a newly awakening empath

I already know that this client is going to have a great experience if she decides to have a reading, she is already asking such amazing questions!  If you decide to have an akashic records reading, this downloadable PDF from my services site will help, it already has some great questions to hand.


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  1. I found your piece an interesting read! I am highly sensitive myself and have written about being highly sensitive on my blog, which you can find here

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