Energy Work and why it’s a part of my life – and why I believe it’s already a part of yours!

Energy work – I believe I was always energy sensitive – didn’t have the right words for it when I was younger though.

I had spiritual experiences from a very young age and seemed to be the only person in my family who did – so I pretty much kept those experiences to myself.

Everything from sensing when a person meant harm to others (even though others around me didn’t seem to notice the negative potentials) through to precognitive experiences and noticing other people’s energy.

Over my years of study and spiritual growth I am beginning to agree with what physicists claim – that everything is energy – I would take it a step further than that and say that we are all connected, all of the time and we can sense those connections should we choose to do so.

May the force be with you… 🙂

When I was 17 I went to see a Romany Gypsy for a reading with a friend – a typical teenage thing to do

Strange things happened during this reading.  It was the classic intuitive ‘set-up’, at the end of a seaside pier in Portsmouth, UK with a very old lady in robes.

What she said to me really resonated and most of it came true.  I remember her closing her eyes and then ‘reading’ the energy from the backs of my hands and then the palms.  I also remember much of what she said, since my body felt the truth the whole way through.

She said “I love reading my old hands but more especially my young hands since there is so much to see”.

She predicted

– trips to Wales and Scotland within two years (I had a Welsh boyfriend, then a Scottish one!).

– Who I would marry (she didn’t predict the divorce though), right down to what my wedding dress would look like.

– that my dad was ‘very tired’.  She said that a couple of times.

– Very specific details about my family that she couldn’t possibly have known.

– Extremely accurate character-based details about me.

– I was destined to have 4-6 children (yikes!) she said it was hard to know with modern contraception, I ‘d probably have two, and this would come about after she had passed on.

I rushed home and told my mother about the reading, but she was scared and shut me down

She told me I must be making it up.  (The Gypsy was very specific, right down to the mature attitude about the use of alcohol at home, the fact that I had one older sibling, where my mum worked part-time, pretty much everything).

I realized that there was more to the world of energy than I had previously thought…and that it wasn’t ‘just me’.

Sadly, she was right about my dad – he became unwell half way through my 18th year and passed away when I was 19.

Later in life I discovered why my mother got so scared – she had energetic abilities just like me – but out of fear was hiding them!

My mother and I, Summer of 97, Emsworth, Hampshire UK

My mother and I, Summer of 97, Emsworth, Hampshire UK

When my mother was ill and on her transition from this life, she finally admitted that she knew energy the way I do and that my daughter Callie does too (she was right).

What really convinced her it was time to speak up was the fact that I was giving my mother energy sessions during the time she was unwell, sometimes remotely (e.g. we would be in separate locations) and she knew what I was doing and when!

We had several long conversations about energy and the spiritual life – and what it would be like when she transitioned.  I had to return to the US to take care of my children before my mother passed – my daughter Callie told me when she had passed even before we got the phone call – and I know I was able to help her during the transition – a unique experience in any mother/daughter relationship.

A lot of healing took place.

Previous to this experience, from my mid-twenties onwards I started to experience and research the world of Energy Work

During the week I was a mild-mannered computer assistant and IT Trainer…over time I began what I now call my ‘T-shirt spirituality‘ years.  Attending all different types of spiritual workshops, worn the t-shirt, been there, done that…and then picking up my suit and briefcase on Monday morning to earn a living in computers.

Clients did start to notice differences about me though – from one client noticing my birthday was June 16th – his wife’s was too – and asking me – are you ‘like that?’.  I nodded, knowing what he meant.  His wife was apparently very good at predicting racing results!

Another client asked me if I had practiced Autogenics (a form of meditation).  I said yes, how did he know.  He had ‘seen’ symbols in my energy field which gave him that impression.

Then clients would approach me at the end of a computer course and ask for help with emotional and spiritual matters – saying they sensed I could help them.

I also had great fun guessing people’s names quietly from the lists of attendees on courses as they came into the room – by the end of my time training I would usually get 10/10!  They never asked why I knew their names and it certainly seemed to make them feel at home on the courses I ran.  Little did I know I was beginning to access the Akashic Records and my budding intuitive skills at the time.

EMF BalancingOnce I was pregnant with Callie in 2001, my energetic awareness started to expand even more rapidly and I began to actively learn energy modalities, such as Reflexology and the EMF Balancing Technique®.

My abilities have continued to grow and I now work with clients both online and one-on-one as a Personal Energy Coach.

If you’re interested in my story and think you’d like to know more about my approach, you can connect and request a 15 minute Skype Chat to see if my approach is a match for you.

I offer a number of Online Sessions and can also tailor a program to your exact needs, based on the connection I make with your Personal Energy Field and the results you wish to achieve.

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