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FacebookFacebook and Positive Energy?

I find it really interesting how many people have strong opinions about Facebook.

I’ve heard everything from “I’ll never go on Facebook” (gotta respect that decision – very clear) to –  “I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook”.

(Most extreme) “I think Facebook is a terrible place”.

“I blame Facebook for…”

Facebook is blamed for

  • causing internet bullying
  • not having an ‘dislike’ button
  • (lately) peering into our private lives, likes and dislikes and publishing them as activities
  • tracking which products we like on Facebook and broadcasting this information in timelines or to companies
  • constantly changing formats to layouts we don’t ‘like’.

In Your Face (book)

It’s true, Facebook is a very open (virtual) place.

If you have a disagreement with your partner and decide to discuss it online, it’s there for all your friends to see (and sometimes your friends of friends dependent upon your Facebook privacy settings).

Facebook is energy

I believe that Facebook is simply made of up energy – just like us.

Facebook is the energy we choose to project, or unconsciously project into the internet world, sometimes the mask we choose to wear and the things we choose to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’.

Like a mirror – if we’re not that internet savvy or aware of what we display, Facebook will reflect that energy back to us and back to everyone else’s mirror too.  Sometimes we’ll get bitten in the butt for it, in glorious internet technicolor.

Facebook “Connection is what humans crave” – Stephen Fry

Here’s a view on the nature of ‘Generation Web’.  There are now young people and children in the West who have not known life without the internet, and even without Facebook!

Now I have a belief that media needs to be a diet, for our brains and for our children’s brains.  Let’s keep all media activities in balance.  I do agree with Stephen Fry on this video that we can…

Sit in a study and read books, or spend our time in front of a screen typing LOL…Young people can astonish us with their knowledge of literature.

This is a fascinating talk…even goes so far as to discuss the invention of the postbox and its effect on the emancipation of women.  Food for thought.

Facebook – what do you project?

FacebookThere’s a saying in modern spiritual practice which is becoming more widely known – that when we project energy (as in pointing the finger), one finger is pointing at others, the other three fingers pointing back at us (I guess the thumb just kind of hangs out there, like an exclamation mark).

The intention being to demonstrate that when we ‘dislike’ somebody else, we are really resonating with an aspect of our own energy that we ‘dislike’.

The other person simply matched our resonant frequency with their actions or projections and as a result pressed our ‘dislike’ button, causing us to react.

See Facebook as an opportunity for personal growth as well as a tool to connect and have fun

I’ve often thought that the originator who designed Facebook intentionally created it WITHOUT a ‘dislike’ button.

It is a challenge to put ourselves ‘out there’ in a positive frame.

The recent video that went viral, with the dad shooting his daughter’s laptop after she complained on Facebook about her ‘tough life’ – the impact of that video will be with us for years.  (Chosen not to view it).  Will the girl’s grandchildren see it?  Is that the projection of energy their future grandfather intended to put out there?  I surely hope not.

Facebook mirrors us – literally

Sure – I’ve had problems with Facebook too.

I’ve had to block people I don’t ‘like’.  Their energy made me uncomfortable for one reason or another (but that IMHO is about boundary setting, not energy projection, the reasons are personal and I choose not to share).

I’ve stopped posting family photos on Facebook, for example.

I did this initially and then it started to feel uncomfortable.  I don’t play games on Facebook (just personal choice) or accept any of the apps unless they are useful for work purposes.

How I frame my mind positively around Facebook

  •  I use it for work – for free (sure I have to pay for my internet connection)
  • I use it to network with international holistic communities and several other groups and affiliations – for free – creating powerful online relationships
  • I email friends and arrange social events.
  • Enjoy the free fun reading others posts and a group of us even had a virtual ‘office’ party on Friday to break up our work days, posting music videos and enjoying each others comments.

What we project, we also reflect

One of my core values as an energy work practitioner is that what we project, we also reflect.  That means that the energy we project always bounces back to us, somehow, someway.

I believe that’s also true on Facebook.

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  1. It is definitely interesting how BIG Facebook has become in such a short time. But I would not be surprised if something new comes a long soon that will make people loose interest in Facebook. Nevertheless, at the moment it is certainly still fun to hang out there. 🙂

    Thank you for an interesting post!

  2. Couldn’t agree more! Thanks and blessings 🙂

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