Finding Sarah on OWN – shamanism, the blind maze and horse whispering to heal ourselves

Is anyone else on this list watching ‘Finding Sarah’ on OWN?

Saw the episode last night where she visited a Shaman, worked with Martha Beck (I’m an MB fan) and worked with a horse whisperer in connection with healing a phobia suffered by an abused horse.  I think it’s an inspirational series…despite the lambasting the British press continue to give her. 

She did go seriously off the rails…but without mentioning names she’s not the only one in the Royal Family who did. 

She doesn’t have a direct ‘bloodline’ in the Royal Family, though, so IMHO that’s why the negative aspects of the British Press/Paparazzi feel more free to bite chunks out of her.  

Here’s a link to the program summary and short video.

Finding Sarah
Shamanism can become a way of life, one definition of shamanism is “to find meaning in our lives and receive healing from nature”

Personal development cannot be faked if you have experienced it and it has helped you 

I believe it is possible to recognize when other people are ‘doing the work’.   

I watched the Duchess of York continue on her journey of clearing this week. 

In this episode of Finding Sarah on OWN she first visited a shaman who lives in the Sonoma Desert, Arizona not knowing what was going to happen and found herself doing an energetic exercise, to connect with her long-held and long blocked emotions  surrounding her mother’s abandonment of her and her family when she was 12.

The shaman used his instinctual skills and shamanic practice to intuit how to clear the long-held emotion from Sarah’s body and took her to a place in nature where she could both move her body and start to clear some of the emotions with sound, words and specific body movements. 

Releasing Stuck Emotions

Anyone who is a body worker or energy worker of any kind (reflexology, massage, EMF Balancing Technique®, Reiki, Zero-Balancing, Acupuncture….) will tell you that blocked or ‘stuck’ emotions which a person does not want to face can be stored in the energy field or the muscles.

This is often why a person will have an emotional release during some kind of energy session…perhaps by crying…or feeling strange sensation in or around the body, or feeling actual pain related to an issue being released, for example, chest pain when experiencing a hurt (e.g. related to the heart center/chakra). 

It’s my view she wasn’t faking, as some of the British Press reports intimate.

The blind maze and our instincts  on ‘Finding Sarah’

Martha Beck, a well-known  life coach and a member of the OWN team (she writes for the Oprah Magazine) helped Sarah through an exercise with a blind maze. 

This is a great exercise to help people tune into their inner wisdom, intuition or inner guidance. 

Martha basically created a string maze for Sarah to follow with her hands blindfolded.  ‘Dead ends’ were created from rougher string, so after a while if a person tuned in enough to their senses they could figure out the ‘right road’ from the texture of the string as much as any other method.

In Sarah’s case, once she stopped asking questions and tuned into her own senses and inner guidance, she moved through the maze quicker than anyone else Martha had worked with.

And finally…onto some horse whispering

Sarah Ferguson on OWN and Horse Whisperer Koelle SimpsonI always remember being introduced to this concept in the Sandra Bullock movie ’28 Days’ where Sandra portrays a woman with an alcohol addiction going through rehab. 

One of the practices of the program was to enable the person in rehab to ‘match the feelings on the inside with those on the outside’.  This could be demonstrated as a physical balance when the person could pick up the horse’s leg and check the hoof without any resistance from the horse.

In Finding Sarah, Sarah Ferguson works with horse whisperer Koelle Simpson, who is a student of the well-known ‘horse whisperer’ Monty Roberts.

Interestingly, Monty has a direct relationship with the Queen of England who was very interested in his work with horses, enough so that she honored him recently in a private ceremony on 11th June 2011.  Read more about that here.   Synchronicity, I think, if you believe in that sort of thing…

Koelle matched Sarah with a horse from an abused background that had a phobia of plastic bags. 

Holding the space energetically for Sarah (who has experience riding horses) Koelle enabled her to clear the horse’s fear of the bags, but only when Sarah kept her energy balanced inside herself. 

From this experience, Sarah was able to see the similarities between the horse’s fear and some of her own, and make progress on her journey.

Thanks Oprah and OWN for producing truly Mindful TV with Finding Sarah, which is what you promised us! 🙂 

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  1. I have to admit it’s intensely hopeful, frightening, creative, and downright hard on the heart watching someone live out their fear on a tv show / documentary. Finding Sarah is deprogramming a culture that has contributed to her self-sabotage. I find every week things that amaze and delight me. And most of all – my complete admiration and warmth of humanity for her vulnerability and determinism. I’m so much a better person after each episode. I’m afraid it may be a limited series. I would like to see her with the show for 2 – 3 years minimum. That’s the commitment to the process. And she has the right to her privacy at some point.

    I see my own struggle to rebuild a shattered and emotionally bankrupt life in her each time. Seeing it twice a week helps. It’s wonderful that Sarah is so sincerely motivated and willing. I can’t begin to show my appreciation and gratitude for the show, the Duchess, the amazing OWN production team and the creativity and open minded embrace that she is given. I’d love to just jump in and have a drink, laugh, get very silly – and hug her like a brother with the greatest of joy and good will. YOU ROCK SARAH. Keep it up. You’re liberating yourself. And in the process showing people in England – and around the globe – and here at home – ME – how to find ways to expand our concept of putting it together day by day -eI’m in such joyful admiration of your journey and courage. Keep on keeping on, Duchess.

    And remember you could not scratch the Burke’s Peerage List without finding a criminal, flaw, crime, humiliation, or serious mental illness 1 or 2 degrees of separation from it. So society? Who cares! When you are right the world is a beautiful place to be. When you are right – thousands at the very least will be celebrating a victory many of us are right there with you to join in upon and find hope, solace, encouragement and compassion without judgment from people that matter. It’s wonderful you have such high quality people who do care to help you. I’m very very inspired.

    And remember if one never judges, then there is nothing to forgive.
    So that says something about the people you set company with.

    You’re alright in my books.

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