Gentle Homeopathics for difficult times from Miranda Castro – remedies to assist with radiation concerns

Latest note from Miranda Castro

Miranda Castro is a British-trained professional homeopath, now living in Florida, USA, who has been in practice since 1983 and has been writing and teaching about homeopathy since 1988.

She has a website and a Facebook page.  Here’s her latest notes regards some homeopathic options for our current stressful times to help with worries, stress and concerns about radiation contamination.

“Here are some gentle homeopathic solutions for these difficult times.  They are available at your local wholefood store:

  • Calms Forte
  • Walnut Bach Flower Remedy
  • Natrum muriaticum 6X or 6C if the 6X is not available (Nat mur or Nat-m)
  • Arsenicum 6C (Ars)

 Calms Forte … for adults and children

 This is a very nice combination remedy (herbs in a super low homeopathic strength plus biochemic cell salts) for stressful times especially if there is difficulty sleeping.  Take an hour before bedtime for insomnia.

It can be taken more often i.e. during the day as well if it helps with anxiety/exhaustion/irritability.


  • Avena Sativa 1X (stress, nervousness)
  • Chamomilla 2X (nervous irritability)
  • Humulus Lupulus1X (insomnia)
  • Passiflora 1X (insomnia, restless sleep from exhaustion)
  • Biochemic cell salts to enhance cellular and nervous system function
  • Calc Phos 3X
  • Ferr Phos 3X
  • Kali Phos 3X
  • Nat Phos 3X
  • Mag Phos 3X

Natrum muriaticum

This biochemic cell salt will help protect and strengthen the thyroid and adrenals and can be taken twice daily.

 Walnut Bach Flower Remedy

This flower remedy offers strength and protection in times of hardship.  It specifically offers protection from environmental radiation.  Put a few drops in all your drinks.

 Rescue Remedy

Anxiety/panic/shock/emotional distress

Take as needed at any time … a few drops on the tongue.


This remedy is for serious anxiety and fear.  The anxiety/fear can deteriorate into panic attacks.  There is a fear of disease (cancer) and of dying and tremendous restlessness.  It should be taken only as needed i.e. not daily.

 General Guidelines for Home Prescribing with Homeopathy

Pay attention to the remedies you are taking and make a healing relationship with them.  If a remedy works brilliantly well DON’T keep taking it or rather use your symptoms as a guide for repeating it.

 If you are having constitutional homeopathic treatment ask your homeopath before taking any of these remedies.

Thanks to Debra Gangale for the Calms Forte suggestion”.

Thanks to Miranda Castro for agreeing to have this posted here.

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