Give your dog the gift of energy

gift of energyDogs and energy, at the risk of sounding like Cesar Millan

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a BIG Cesar Millan fan. I followed his teachings when bringing our dog Pickle home from the Kansas Humane society and all of us had a very smooth transition, with only one poopy accident during the whole of our time together (and that was a misunderstanding).

What do I need to give my dog a gift of energy?

Dogs, like us, are energetic beings. They have an electromagnetic field, or lattice, too. You may not agree with me but here, try an energy experiment for yourself and see.

Experiment: pointing and the line of energy

Imagine, think about or even pretend for a moment that you and your dog are connected by an invisible thread when in the house, yard, or out on a walk. When the dog is calm and you have the dog’s attention, direct your dog by pointing your finger in the direction you want them to go and imagine a golden thread coming out of your finger in that direction too. (Important: NO WORDS). Words are for human energy only. Dogs understand unspoken energy and body language, it’s how they roll. (Or not, at least not in something smelly, hopefully). Later on, they will connect the words you use with the energy and body language you project so that they can respond to spoken demands.

Keep at it. Soon your dog will be paying attention. The energy connection will become so immediate that the dog will almost seem to respond to your thought about pointing (thoughts have energy too, by the way).

The gift of energy – commands

Cesar suggested this as an exercise once and I carried it through. It works with friends’ dogs too! If you want your dog to sit, NO WORDS. Send the energy any way that works for you, a picture of them sitting, a feeling of being low down, transmitting a sense of pressure to their behind from your hand at a distance. Keep at it. At some point the dog will feel what you are doing and respond. Well done! Now you are giving your dog the gift of energy.

Corrections are essential, even more so with energy than words

If you’ve ever seen dogs in a pack or group, one dog may correct another in a number of ways. A nudge, a push, a growl, a snap and in extreme cases a laying on of teeth and growling. Sometimes a vibration of energy will be enough.

The gift of corrective energy

Dogs need correcting, just like kids need correcting. Sadly, our next door neighbor never corrects his dogs when they are outside, so they bark and growl constantly at us (and my dog) through the fence whenever they are out. The neighbor appears not know about the dog-human energy connection so when he hears them barking, he removes them and puts them inside the house, which he sees as being helpful.  But he doesn’t correct them.

Removing a dog to a different location is not a correction. Dog’s don’t respond to time-outs because they don’t have the same concept of time as we do. They don’t have the same concept of anything, really the way we do because they are dogs!

Use energy to stop your dog being a barking nuisance

Still, you can connect using energy and create a deep, lovely and meaningful relationship with your dog. Do you have a dog that barks outside? Go out there and make the SSSHHHT noise. Repeatedly if necessary. Get your dog’s attention by nudging, leashing it or making it lay or sit down so that it stops barking. Repeat this over time, the correction will get shorter and the dog will get quieter.

And you won’t piss off the neighbors either. We are pissed off with the dogs next door and therefore are beginning to be pissed off with our neighbor. The small dog got out the other day and tried to bite my husband. (Both of these dogs would try and bite us if they could, but that’s because they have never been corrected and had their pent up energy or anxiety released). So give your dog the gift of corrective energy, it will be better for you, your dog and the whole community.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your dog will be ‘hurt’ or ‘upset’ if you correct it. That is human thinking, not dog thinking. Dogs live in the present and accept correction as a way forward and a chance to bond their energy more deeply with the pack (that would be you). Your dog is looking for you to lead them and this is the way.

The Ask – giving your dog the gift of energy

Why is giving your dog the gift of energy important? To create a deep and lasting relationship. A common ‘ask’ is for food.  My dog does it, I’m sure yours does too.  Does my dog use words? Does she say “I say my good woman, would you possibly put some fine dog food in my bowl?” No, she sits and stares and transmits ENERGY. Can you feel it when your dog transmits energy to you? If you can only imagine feeling it, what would it feel like?

All dogs do this. In fact, my dog is sitting and staring at me right now as I’m writing this because she wants to go for a walk and needs go to the bathroom. How do I know this? Because I’ve put a little time and effort into understanding her signs and signals and the feelings that she transmits to me.

Create a beautiful relationship with your dog by giving the gift of energy

gift of energy

Pickle enjoying a new toy – she asked me for more toys during an Akashic Records Reading. I got more the day after and she insisted on taking the toy on the walk. First time that ever happened!

This process is very bonding and a wonderful gift for any dog. Just imagine coming into a new family and not being able to talk at all. All you can do is make noises, move your body, smell smells, see these strange two-leggeds doing things and hope that someone will understand your wants and needs.  What do they want you to do?  You don’t know, because nobody is communicating your personal pack language to you.

And one day – somebody does! They connect with you, they begin to understand your ‘asks’ and they make you feel comfortable and at home. So you follow their lead and you are home, in your pack. You can transmit your intentions with energy and you are heard and responded to instead of ignored or yelled at, neither of which you understand. How wonderful!  You love your pack leader and all the other pack members and want to be a good pack member yourself.

That is why it’s so important to give your dog the gift of energy. They will love it, love you and guess what – you – human that you are – will love it too.  I promise you.

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