To all home moms, dads and carers – let’s have a summer!

This year, I am having a summer

Still tending the dishwasher, the laundry, the bathrooms (sometimes – ha!)
I am planning kid’s schedules and being Mom Taxi to places near and far
Still, I’m having a summer by g-d!
Yes you may see me by the pool in the afternoon (re-reading Maya Angelou, maybe)
Yes you may see me working out very soon
Yes you may see me at the foodstore planning my family’s health and wellness
I work hard
Still, I’m having a summer!
(And sometimes people still wonder out loud to me ‘What do you DO ‘at home’ all day?)

Motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint
Isn’t it?
The rigors of 5th and 7th grades will rise to meet me and mine soon
So I’m going to lay back and spend some time enjoying the sun in June
(Other mother’s warnings that in our 7th grade of school – things WILL get tough)
Good Lord, 4th grade was bad enough!
The girls still grow and run out of shoes, underwear, clothes and more
As they keep growing, for sure
I am STILL going to have a summer

I’m reading books, working the garden and tidying up the nooks,
Crannies, messes and administrating the lives of our household
House-hold – somebody has to ‘hold’ it – or the thing would fall apart!
One of the many duties that become a parent’s art
Still, I am having a summer

If you are a parent who works from home with children young or older
And sometimes you feel like a darn foot soldier
Perhaps invisibility cloaks you and others don’t know
How sometimes you can feel isolated and alone
Make sure you take time face up to the sun,
Perhaps even get your toenails done! (Maybe not for SOME of the dads 😉 )
Breathe a little, rest a little, school will be here in a while
You’ll soon be back to your daily ‘to do’ list and sometimes need to plaster on that sunny smile

While you can – have a summer with me
We all work hard, dear parents, take it easy!

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