Homeopathic Healing Stories | Bryonia for a dry cough | Wonder how a placebo could possibly cause this result?

Bryonia for a dry coughHomeopathic Healing Stories – Bryonia for a dry cough

This is a simple healing story from the realm of homeopathy…where I was given the homeopathic remedy Bryonia for a dry cough and had some unintended side effects!

When working in training and development in the UK several years ago, my business partner and I were working on several continuous training contracts in the IT field.

This meant traveling into London on the commuter trains regularly from the South Coast (near Brighton) and training and talking all day.

I went through some kind of flu illness, soldiered on doing the training – as many of us do – and then ended up with what my mum used to call a ‘graveyard cough’.

You know…one of those coughs that is dry, just starts up the minute you go from cool air to a hot room…and every time you breathe in…there’s that cough.

Bryonia for a dry cough – it worked! – but with an unintended side-effect :-0

That evening I was headed to my business partner’s house (again on the train) and had trouble controlling my cough whilst sitting knee to knee with other train commuters.

I felt sorry for them really.  At least somebody offered me a mint!

So at my business partner’s house (Nicky, she wrote a post on here a while ago) Nicky offered me a homeopathic remedy after some thought – she was studying homeopathy with a local homeopath in the area.

It was Bryonia – useful for a dry cough and also for achy colds and flu.  Bryonia is formulated from the root of White Bryony, otherwise known as Wild Hops (hop plants of different varieties are also used to make beer).

Bryonia for a dry cough

Wild hops – pic from www.homeopathyandmore.com

Skeptics and homeopathy – difficult to chalk this one up to the ‘placebo effect’

What was great was that the minute, literally the minute I took the Bryonia for my dry cough – the cough stopped.  Just like that.

Now those in the skeptics community would like to point out at this stage that the placebo effect had taken place – I had taken a sugar pill that I ‘thought’ would cure me, and so it did.

If this worked all the time then I wonder why there aren’t more websites and companies AND pharmaceuticals that study the placebo effect in great detail?

But I digress.  Now, this may be an ‘anecdotal’ story and not one that can be proven by the scientific method…but it worked for me, and it wasn’t a placebo.

So how do I know (other than the fact that the cough stopped?).

Well, the next day I headed back to continue my training work after taking Bryonia for a dry cough – still – no cough!

Errm…well, let’s just say when you take a remedy that helps your immune system to continue working and clear out the illness…you have no say over how your body might manage this.

In my case…I had gas.  Not just a little bit of gas, a LOT of gas 🙂  Still, no cough and after a few hours of hiding at the whiteboard whilst giving the training, all was well.

More resources for homeopathic Bryonia – not just for a dry cough

A friend pointed out this great blog post from 1-800 Homeopathy today – take a look for more information – I wish you no dry coughs and little side effects!

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  1. Thanks a lot for this very useful and practical information.
    It is really helping understanding the “state” of such kind of cough or illness that only Bryonia can heal.
    Homeopathy is one of the best healing methods i have ever seen, especially in acute stages/phases.
    I love homeopathy and use it and found it very useful.
    This info was very useful and helpful, worth more than an ounce of gold! i really mean it.
    Thanks a lot.


    • Thank you so much Avishay for your kind comment! It really does mean the world to me, especially when I’m typing away here!

      I agree with you about the wonderful healing effects of homeopathy. I’m off to check out your site!

      Cheers and thanks again

  2. Marvelous healing story. I’ve also seen Bryonia work it’s wonders for bronchitis with lots of congestion. When my child awoke from her sleep after a dose of bryonia, we all wondered how the mucus had disappeared so suddenly? I love these stories. Keep them coming.

    • It is an amazing remedy. My naturopath wrote a RX for 1ML for me to use and that has been highly
      successful. I keep Bryonia, Arnica and Hypericum regularly in my cupboard….as some would
      keep OTC drugs.

  3. Have had remarkable results for a dry cough due to the use of a blood pressure RX which I have
    now discontinued and traded in for a natural formula, but I did not have any side effect as you
    Have used the remedy for sometime for muscle and joint ailments without any sort of problem
    Are you sure it is the Bryonia?

    • As sure as I can be Rosalee – my friend looked it up in the Materia Medica and said there was confirmation there at the time. I’m a very body-based person and I know when I’m gassy and when I’m not – ha!

      • My apologies, I did not mean you did not have gas, I merely was questioning if you were sure it was from the Bryonia and not something else.
        I am sorry if it did not translate well

        • LOL well Rosalee I guess one day I’ll get over the fact that im discussing my gas issues on the internet

          • Fire at will, no pun intended………..
            Anymore I don’t care about discussing whatever
            In 2003 I had brain surgery and as are result all inhibitions were gone…….during not only one but two surgeries, a massive collapse following second which put me in ICU and then six weeks of skilled nursing………..so ALL my inhibitions are gone.
            A bit of gas is minor for me………..a minor discussion too
            BTW a Harris flush is the best remedy…….

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