How to feel the root chakra

Chakras – how to feel the root chakra

We are taught a lot about chakras in spiritual transcripts and through energy work,even yoga.

How though can we really feel and connect with a chakra?

If you are hoping for chakra openings and connections then one good way to get started is to learn to feel your chakras.

Let’s start with something a little easier first

So, can you feel your fingertips? Sit for a moment and concentrate on them. Now feel the insides of your hands.

If there is any difficulty, add sensory help…perhaps dipping your hands in a bowl of warm water to define them.

Now do the same with your feet. We are starting here because the hands and feet have so many nerve endings in them. Feel the pads in your toes from the insides of your feet. Connect with the souls/soles of your feet. Wiggle your toes if necessary. Make a connection. There they are!

By the way, there are chakras in the hands and feet too…but that’s for another post

The concept is really quite similar when working with a chakra.

First it is useful to know that the energy field generated by a chakra is not only located inside the body, it surrounds the body and extends up to 24 inches in each direction from where the physical body ends.

Chakras are big! That is one of the ways in which we can sense another person’s energy or we can feel them ‘feeling’ us

So, sitting on a chair or the floor (cross legged is good if you can) become aware of the small of your back, touch it if need be. Now become aware of the area at the front of the body (I’m not gonna go there in a blog post…I don’t need the spam!). Just do what you need to do to connect!

Become aware of your low hip area either side of your body. Does it feel hot/cold? Can you sense any movement or pulsing? How would you describe the sensations? Now gather all 4 points and take your sensate self inwards to the center of your root chakra.

(Imagine you can feel sensations all the way into the center of your pubic bone and downwards.) There. I said pubic!

Imagine your root chakra…

If you could imagine your chakra, what would it look like? If you could feel your root chakra, what sensations would you feel inside your body? If you could hear your root chakra…would it have words to say or sounds to make? If you thought about your root chakra, how can it help you or what wisdom does it have to share?

Practice over time until more connections are made – practice is mastery

You will know you are becoming successful in connecting with your root chakra when you can focus on that area and make an immediate connection of some kind (heat/cold, tapping, thumping, movement, fluttering are all good signs).

Also good if you receive spontaneous visuals, words, feelings, sensations or emotions.

For a deeper connection with your chakras or energy centers or personal energy, I offer distance EMF Balancing Technique® sessions.


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