How to deal with a low grade allergic reaction and hives using homeopathy

how to help your kids

(These are models and no children were harmed in the making of this blog post – Arianna refused to have her picture on the blog with a rash – and who can blame her!)

What a week – a modern medical system breakdown affected me personally!  (And how to deal with a low grade allergic reaction)

On Sunday morning I woke up and Arianna (my 8 year old younger daughter) had a low grade allergic reaction.   She had a rash on her cheek…which grew, and grew.

By Monday (a non-school day) the allergic reaction had spread to her forehead…by Tuesday morning it was all over her eyelids, nose, and heading to the other cheek.

I had a feeling (call it momtuition) that it was purely an allergic reaction (she has a severe nut allergy) so on the way to the doctor’s office I mentally retraced my steps and thought about anything different I had done.

Our school had just posted a notice about strep throat, which can cause a rash, so I wanted to be careful and check all the boxes, plus, I was panicking a bit.

Practical help from the doctor with the allergic reaction – but a modern medical system breakdown

I really like my doctor.  She listens to me and knows that I ‘know my stuff’ too.  I feel blessed to have a doctor like that!

She checked for symptoms of strep and suggested a moisturizing cream for the rash plus a prescription steroid cream.

Did you know that steroid creams can thin the skin and only help with the symptoms of an allergic reaction, not the cause?

Now I was pretty desperate because it was a nasty rash, so I agreed to the cream and thought if any of my other remedies didn’t work I could at least use it minimally.

I was wary of these creams though, since as a child I had watched my brother suffer with eczema and put steroid cream on his hands for years, which really didn’t seem to make any difference to his condition.

How to help your kids with an allergic reaction (some other ways to think, especially if you’re panicking, like I was)

If (as in this case) the allergic reaction doesn’t merit a visit to ER (been there, done that) and another known cause like strep throat has been ruled out – then it’s important to think about anything you might have done differently.

Did you…

  • feed your child any different foods
  • take them to a new location or one that you don’t visit regularly
  • buy any new household products
allergic reaction

Pickle wondering if she has enough toys in her bed – she’s also very sorry!

What I realized as I was thinking this through at the doctor’s office was that I had been in a hurry the week before and bought different dog food!

That was it!  Arianna likes to roll and play with our dog Pickle and allows the dog to lick her face!  The new dog food had caused the allergic reaction.

I knew this was right because I then remembered Arianna having a similar allergic reaction at a friend’s party the year before (when their dog licked my child) and her whole cheek immediately came up in hives.

The doctor was reassuring and a great help – then medical system breakdown!

So off we went to buy the previous brand of dog food (either not containing nuts or not made on a machine that also manufactured nut-based products etc. etc.) and then to collect our steroid cream.

We got the dog food OK but the steroid cream wasn’t available at that pharmacy.  Or the other two they tried on my behalf.  I was then told they could order the cream in by 2pm the next day.

Standing there with my itching, uncomfortable child I decided to take us both home and spend some time focusing on this.

Kinesiology and homeopathy saved the day – but I had to get focused first!

I take the world very literally on my Spiritual Journey.  So I took the fact that I couldn’t even get the steroid cream until the next day as a sign that I should really go home and help my child.

I went through all my remedies and picked 4 or 5 that I thought could help reduce the symptoms of hives.  (I did check a couple of books, too, my favorite is The Complete Homeopathy Handbook: Safe and Effective Ways to Treat Fevers, Coughs, Colds and Sore Throats, Childhood Ailments, Food Poisoning, Flu, and a Wide Range of Everyday Complaintsallergic reaction by Miranda Castro.

Then using kinesiology Arianna and I selected the right remedy, which in this case was two different ones.

This involves using a technique in kinesiology called ‘muscle testing‘, which can be easily learned, practiced and used by adults and children alike.

Once we found the right remedies, Arianna took them and we stood in front of the bathroom mirror watching the redness disappear in less than 10 minutes.  We were just standing there laughing!  What a relief.

The bumps from the rash have pretty much gone…so what about the steroid cream?

Alternative remedies can help your kids stay well – especially when the modern medical system only offers a certain number of options for allergic reactions

I got a phone call from the pharmacy later the same day – telling me the cream would take another day.

The next day, I got another call from the pharmacy saying that this particular cream was no longer available…and they would return the prescription order to the doctor so that she can prescribe a different one.

Still don’t have the cream!

I’m comfortable with the outcome though, since I know that the homeopathic remedies helped Arianna’s immune system to complete it’s work reacting to the dog food.

She’s now back at school.

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  1. Nice story Sarah! I love reading the process of how you worked through this.

    I’m a huge fan of homeopathy too and it has saved the day at our house many times. Miranda Castro’s books are among my favorites. In such situations, I find the books for lay people are sometimes more helpful than my reperatories! Another book I love is Homeopathic Remedies: A Quick and Easy Guide to Common Disorders and Their Homeopathic Treatments by Asa Hershoff.

  2. Great story/good info. No coincidence the cream was “not available” I completely believe this was a message from the universe to get you both where you needed to go.

  3. poor Arianna! What a clever mom she has, though. Lucky girl!

  4. Well done! For those who would like to study homeopathy for free or get a low cost kit visit resources/

  5. I love this post!!! Good for you for going with your “momtuition” and paying attention to the signs from the Universe that your steroid cream wasn’t meant to be and that your homeopathic remedy would do the trick. Yes, you are right – we are really a lot alike. I am so excited to have found you and will be following your blog with keen interest.

  6. Great and interesting blog..

  7. What a great detective you are! It’s amazing how little things like a new dog food can affect your life, isn’t it? I’m going to have to check out that book!

  8. Thank you very much for this nice post. I was there too, done it many times and found out that doctors are doing the best they can,but that’s it!
    Homeopathy has changed the lives of my wife and mine too.
    Ever since the homeopathic treatment cured her from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome it made me a huge fan of homeopathy.
    I know there are several remedies that can help and cure rush and hives, but it is mostly depend on the symptoms.
    I thank you very much for sharing your story- and spreading out the good word on Homeopathy.


  9. Hi there! I’m here from the 99% exposure blog 🙂 Great information. My son and I both have allergies and I continue to get more all the time. Am excited to follow you!

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