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How to subscribe?  If you wish to subscribe and follow the new posts from this blog, click on any of the symbols that look like this to subscribe.

This will give you a number of options which will deliver the new posts (or ‘feeds’) as they are published, into the service you select.

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If you want to subscribe to my monthly email updates, use the form on the right or the one below this page.

You can also choose to subscribe to the Mom On A Spiritual Journey blog on the Mom On A Spiritual Journey Facebook Page

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As a Facebook user, if you choose to ‘like’ this page then any new posts or ‘feeds’ will automatically be delivered to your Facebook screen whenever they are published.

I add videos, links and other interesting information to the Facebook page also.

You don’t have to be a member of Facebook to check out the page either, it’s simply a web address –

Connect with me on Twitter, @SarahsEnergy

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How do blogs work, anyway – and how can I find the subject matter I’m looking for in Mom On A Spiritual Journey?

If you’re not familiar with blogs, there are two main parts to a blog structure. 

When you click on Blog from the menu above, it accesses what is called ‘the loop‘.  This is all of the blog posts from this blog from the most recent date order down.

If you want to access posts further back in the loop, or search for something based around a subject, say ‘homeopathy‘, you can click on the list of Categories or the blue list of Tags further down the page.  All the subjects related to that Category or Tag will be listed.

Searching for something specific?

Just scroll down a bit and use the Search Mom Box on the right!

Most of the other menu options you will see here on Mom On A Spiritual Journey are ‘pages’

Pages are static menu options which stay put all the time, just like a more traditional web site, unlike blog posts which move further down ‘the loop’ the older they get.

If you click on a page, such as About Sarah, you’ll see information on that subject.

Enjoy, share, and raise awareness.  There are sharing tools to the right of the blog and at the bottom of each post and page.  Sharing experience is what this blog is all about!

Want to leave a comment?

If you’d like to comment on a post, scroll down to the bottom of the post and a comments field will appear.

All comments are subject to moderation so unless I’m online at the same time you are commenting your comment may take a little while to be approved.

Want to contact me directly?

Just go ahead, click on the Contact Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey and complete the form – I’ll get back to you!

Sarah Lawrence Hinson

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