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How to take care of your family with homeopathy – a webinar from Boiron USA and the Holistic Moms Network

How to take care of your family with homeopathy

Goodies won attending a Twitter party with Boiron USA and Holistic Moms Network

Are you interested in learning how to take care of your family with homeopathy – especially since the cold/flu season is approaching, but you’re not sure how to go about it?

I got notified on social media about this webinar on just that subject!  The webinar is at 1-2pm EST on Thursday, Oct 20th.  Here’s the link to the article and registration.

Update: Boiron have posted a link to their Webinar Take Care of Your Family with Homeopathy on their website

Here’s the link to the webinar. Or you can watch it in the box on this blog (see right).

I attended my first ever Twitter party a while back with Boiron USA and the Holistic Moms

People exchanged useful information and I won a prize, as did some others (see photo).

Now some people would wonder perhaps why cold, cough and flu remedies might be considered a prize…this time of the year I consider them a necessity and any break on my shopping bill is definitely a prize!

Thanks Boiron USA for the prize – I definitely consider any form of vibrational/alternative medicine a treasure

How to take care of your family with homeopathy

Always happy to share gratitude!

I’m the (OK perhaps rather odd) person who would like to own every essential oil on the planet, as well as every homeopathic remedy…not to mention every flower essence!

Alternative remedies and the wellness they can provide us is one my of my passions because they work so well when you know how to use them.

When my cupboard is full of useful remedies I feel rich and well provided for!  It takes a little time and effort to learn how to take care of your family with homeopathy and essential oils, but it’s well worth the time.

An example of how I use homeopathy and essential oils to take care of my family

Callie started to come down with ‘something’ on Friday night last, complaining of an acute sore throat and discomfort.

I checked the glands under her neck and the right one was swollen…I also did a visual check of her throat with a flashlight and it was a litle red and ulcerated too.

From experience I know that if I can catch something this early with regular applications of homeopathy and a good night’s rest – Callie will bounce back the next day and avoid the illness.

So I gave her two doses of Oscillococcinum before bed. 

The next morning, she was better.  Then she got a spider bite!  (Nasty one…back to the essential oils for that).

I’m not saying that every ill can be cured with these simple remedies, but I feel blessed to have them in my tool kit.

I hope you make time to view the webinar – I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Wouldn’t you like to learn how to take care of your family with homeopathy?

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  1. I was thrilled to find Coldcalm in the sale section at Dillon’s the other day, it’s the only medicine Jasper will take and he’s firmly in perpetual runny nose phase…


  3. I tend to do more with herbs than homeopathy so thanks for this. The more you know the better.

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