How women are misrepresented and ignored by mainstream media | Watch MissRepresentation Movie on OWN

Missrepresentation at Halloween – ask for this Walmart candy ad to be stopped!

I am pretty annoyed about an ad going on over here with Walmart where a young girl takes more than her share of candy from a doorstep.

A boy is already standing there and takes one candy (because of course boys do the right thing), with indecision and says to her ‘only take one’ (because the sign says so and because it’s common courtesy).

The girl says in a princess-y way “Well, I can’t read” and it’s framed as cute because the advertiser wants you to buy more of their candy.  (Let’s hope the people watching this also have dental insurance).

This ad is marketed as ‘funny’.  Just so you know, Walmart, I don’t think this candy ad is funny.  It’s unhelpful to parents and sends entirely the wrong message for our daughters and sons’ futures.

I have had it with women being ‘princess-ed’ and misrepresented.  It denigrates women and dis-empowers girls from a young age.

I have the movie Miss Representation on my DVR.  Wish you could sit and watch it with me.

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