Inner peace, inner peace, INNER PEACE!!! and the Great Bell Chant

Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2, hmnn mindful movies they are on our spiritual journey and an aid to inner peace!

inner peaceWe took our children to see Kung-Fu Panda 2, recently and I found some inner peace.

I really think it’s a mindful movie and a great one to watch for walkers on the spiritual journey, young and old.

If you haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda or Kung Fu Panda 2 the premise is that a Panda, (Po), has always dreamt of becoming one of the great dragon warriors who are in constant Kung Fu training so that they can save their country and protect the local population from bandits and other (evil) Kung Fu practitioners.

All references to Star Wars and great myths aside, during the first movie Po discovers that he is born to become one of the great dragon warriors in his own particular style, this style being that he is somewhat cuddly, loves to eat and cook noodle soup and tends not to plan much, but dreams of his future as a dragon warrior.

Both movies are animated and the second one is in on of the best 3D formats I’ve seen to date and Po also benefits from the great verbal skills of the inimitable Jack Black.  “Awesomeness” now becoming a byword in my house courtesy of said Mr Black. 🙂

Inner peace, inner peace, INNER PEACE!!!  Part of our spiritual journey

One of my favorite parts of the second movie is where Po is on a journey to defeat an enemy against seemingly overwhelming odds and is bashing his head against the mast of a ship in frustration shouting “Inner peace, inner peace, INNER PEACE!!!”

As someone on a spiritual journey, I can identify.  His Kung Fu teacher has told Po that his road to defeating his enemy is to find ‘inner peace’.  I won’t spoil the movie in saying how, but Po does find inner peace, again in his own inimitable style.

Great discussion point for kids, an example to show them a different route on their spiritual journey, and a funny movie too

What I really like about the movie in general is that Po is approachable and identifiable and funny, so when children identify with the character they can resonate with the parts of his “awesomeness” that apply to them, which can incorporate anything from being truly awesome, to tripping, falling and bumbling through the fight scenes as he goes.

The character of the enemy in the movie is flawed enough and portrayed deeply enough that we can feel his pain and his peace when he is finally defeated, a powerful message for children to hear.

And the other part is – it’s a really funny and entertaining movie!  Thanks to the originators for making a children’s movie that is deeper and more thought-provoking than a simple animation experience.  Awesomeness!

To finish up, here’s some inner peace for the adults on a spiritual journey

This weekend just past I was fortunate to attend a workshop/lecture with Lee Carroll, author of many spiritual books including The Indigo Children and The Journey Home.  I like to go and see Lee every couple of years since I learn so much from his unique point of view.  He finished his talk by showing us a video available on line which I think is one wonderful way to achieve ‘inner peace’.  Click on the link here to watch…I hope you enjoy it.  

The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering) from R Smittenaar on Vimeo.



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