Introducing doTERRA essential oils | A review by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Essential Oils from dōTERRA  – an introduction

doTERRA Essential oilsdōTERRA Essential Oils were introduced to me a year or so ago now by a colleague who now lives in Arizona and who is a dōTERRA independent product consultant.

dōTERRA is pronounced ‘dough’-terra and it’s a Latin-derived wording meaning ‘gift of the Earth’.

I’m a regular Essential Oil User

doTERRA Essential OilsBeing a regular essential oil user I had heard about the dōTERRA Essential Oils products from others – especially about their level of purity and decided to try them for myself.

Essential oils have become a greater part of my life since I became a Reflexology practitioner and now my husband (ex-military) and girls love the oils too.

How I started using Essential Oils

I originally starting using essential oils in the UK when a friend suggested they might help me.  I had bought a few essential oils at the time but not used them.  Her young son was over with her and whilst playing in the garden fell into a patch of stinging nettles.

She told me to run and get the Lavender Essential Oil – we applied it quickly to the stings on his legs and the crying stopped immediately, the redness and swelling was gone in about 10 minutes.

“Oh” I thought.  “This stuff really does work”.

I’m an Essential Oil Intuitive Too

Since learning to use essential oils I’ve found that I can intuitively pick an oil or make an oil blend.

When on vacation in the Maldives over 15 years ago now, a friend of mine got his bottom very badly burned! :-0  He and his wife spent a day on a private island…they ran around with nothing on and he forgot to put sunscreen on one important place!!

We were shortly to travel home to the UK and that meant a 13 hour flight with a stop in Dubai.  This guy could barely sit down, let alone for thirteen hours.

I intuitively made an essential oil blend since I like to travel with the oils

As an essential oil intuitive I have a tendency to choose an oil instinctively for a client or myself/family, rather than go to a book. 🙂

Usually afterwards I’ll Google the oil or look it up and find out why I chose the essential oil in the first place!

So I made a blend for this guy and he was so grateful.  He said that it helped to reduce the discomfort and he had a reasonable flight home.  Actually, what he said was “You saved my life!”.

Would you like an Intuitive Essential Oil Reading?

If you’d like me to intuit an oil for you, like my Facebook Page and you can have a free 15 minute Intuitive Essential Oil Reading for joining up!

I can connect with your Personal Energy Field and intuit one physical, one emotional and one spiritual essential oil for you.

You don’t have to be an Essential Oil Intuitive to use dōTERRA Essential Oils

Even if you’re a beginner and not an essential oil intuitive, dōTERRA Essential Oils have made it very easy for anyone to learn about the oils.

There are a number of essential oil companies in the marketplace now.

I believe they all have a value but I do believe that therapeutic grade or higher are best.  Since there are no current regulatory standards for the descriptive use of “therapeutic grade” for products labeled as essential oils you need to look for some kind of mark of quality.

dōTERRA Essential Oils are marked as CPTG – Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils – guaranteed to be 100% pure and natural and free of synthetic compounds or contaminates.

My experience of dōTERRA Essential Oils so far

Essential OilsThe dōTERRA Essential Oils have very definite scents which seem lighter and more ‘airy’ to me.  Maybe that’s the purity – sorry there’s no smell-o-vision on here!

I’m happily using dōTERRA’s Family Physician Kit containing 10 Essential Oils and they’ve all worked excellently so far.

They disappear quickly into the skin (which is one sign of high grade essential oil) and they smell w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.

We’ve had a particularly nasty 3 weeks in our house just recently, where first Arianna, then Callie, then myself all came down with a very nasty stomach virus.

I’ve used the DigestZen from the kit on all of our feet to help get over the virus, Peppermint Essential Oil under my nose and to take away smells (I’ll leave that to your imagination!) and Lavender and On Guard (a blend) in oil burners by everyone’s bed.

This was a no kiddin’ nasty nasty virus and took us all nearly a week each to recover, but the essential oils helped ease the symptoms tremendously.

Where to start with dōTERRA Essential Oils?

I think one good way to start is to buy one of the kits if you are interested in helping your family’s health with essential oils.

I like dōTERRA’s Family Physician Kit – the box contains tips for using all of the oils, plus an audio CD and the following oils – 5 ml bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue®, Breathe, DigestZen®, and On Guard.

I also like the  Introductory Kit with audio CD and booklet plus a 5 ml bottle of dōTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint essential oils.

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