Joy Rising For Friday | Three different opportunities to lift up your energy | Want to raise your vibration? Read this!

Joy Rising For Friday – Oprah’s Lifeclass this week

“I had no idea who I was touching and who was touching me but we were all one.”

“The energy was something that I had never ever experienced in my whole life – it’s like if you could have plugged each one of us into an electric socket we could have electrified the world for years”.

(Jeff on the Oprah show after the flashmob event) “It was life-changing, I don’t want to get emotional but I hope that is what heaven is going to be like.  To me it was passion unleashed, unity revealed and joy rising.”

Oprah: ”  What WAS that?  Everybody coming together, uniting all that energy and literally harmonizing it, synching it up all together and then letting it rise – emanating from every single person in that crowd.”

Now turn it up and dance!  Now THAT’s energy work!!

Deborah King’s book Be Your Own Shaman – energetically uplifting

Be Your Own Shaman – book by Deborah King “One reason why I used the term Shaman…is that it encapsulates the idea that everything in our universe is connected.

We are all linked – to each other, to the physical world of our senses, and to the world beyond beyond that we aren’t able to see…

Outside of our individual identities and boundaries within this tangible reality, we live in one massive energy soup, connected to everything else.  Quantum Physics is in the process of proving exactly that.

Symphony of Science – (I can’t help it I’m a Visionista) just imagine if this was a part of your children’s science lessons at school

Symphony of Science – website link hereFacebook page here

…and in this moment we are perfect, we are whole, we are beautiful

…it is one of the most mysterious parts of the human body…and yet it dominates the way we live our adult lives…

No longer at the mercy of the reptile brain…we can change ourselves…think of the possibilities!

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  1. I haven’t re-watched the Oprah piece for quite a while and I am uplifted just to have seen it again. Thanks for the reminders to stay in joy.

  2. definitely could use a lift this week! thanks!

  3. Awesome info once again. I am looking forward for your next post.

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