Letter to Moms, Mums and Mamas for 2015 – New Energy

energyDear Mothers everywhere

A New Year is on it’s way…as we clear up after our children and vow to begin again…what shall we begin?

How about a Year of New Energy?

There is so much that needs healing and change on the Earth, how can we help? Perhaps with our energy, perhaps with just a small shift within ourselves.

Here are some ideas for me and perhaps you, dear mothers all.

Some things to identify and drop, and some new ideas to take on and adopt.

Take on what resonates, leave the rest (and avoid the guilt…that one is an energy drainer for sure).

In 2015 vow to stop and avoid

Gossiping. It’s an energy that causes damage ultimately. It’s an energy projection that serves only the giver.

Who likes to receive gossip?  When you hear gossip relayed about you, does it ever feel good?  Does it promote sisterhood between you and the receiver, or you and the giver?  So far in my life (now age 50) I’ve never heard any gossip about me that made me feel good.  And if you are the giver…chances are somebody will take their turn and gossip behind your back as soon as they can.  The energies of give and receive in balance. Right backatcha sistah…sister?

Clear the energy of a fight or disagreement

Pick one fight you’ve had with a relative, family member or friend over the last year, even if a minor one.  Review the fight in your mind and shift the energy from your perspective.

Pretend you are a third party and (even if you were in the right) see, feel, imagine, sense or think about the fight being cleared up and released so that it’s no longer in your aura. One approach is to use the Ho’oponopono meditative chant

I am sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you.


Stop posting negative Facebook posts

Anything from a simple complaint to a family dispute.  Whatever it is, stop it.

You are asking the Universe to magnify any energy that you post on social media.  So post cat videos or a funny joke…or something, anything that is positive!  If you can’t think of anything good to say, don’t say it.

You know how you groan when you see a negative post from someone? Well that’s how you make them feel too when you do it. If you need help and support, ask a friend or a Facebook group.  Stop unconsciously drawing other people in to mirror and magnify your own negative energy right backatcha (sister??).

In 2015 begin and/or continue to…

Give yourself loving, caring moments. An affirmation could be

‘It is OK to love myself, I love myself, I do!’



Allow yourself one hot bath a week.  Give yourself 10 minutes to read that magazine. Watch all the funny cat videos and jokes people are now posting on Facebook since they read this blog post!  Love yourself in 100 little ways.

Spend some time journaling

It could be about anything.  Review your day, your week, or something that’s been bugging you since 1974.  Write about it, rewrite about it, turn it into a funny movie in your head.  Write the final story on a piece of paper and burn it.

Our auras can always do with being a little bit lighter, a little bit more released and cleansed. Repetitive stories can be an energy drain. Let at least one of them go this year!

Send somebody a thank you note, email or even call them. Just say thank you.  For the extra school run they did for your kids, for the nice Christmas gift, for the thoughtful way they listened to your worries over lunch. Thank them and enjoy the feeling of giving thanks. It will boost your day and theirs, guaranteed.

And finally…take some time each day to be centered and quiet. Listen to the inner self. Just for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, even 20 minutes if you have it.

You and yours will notice the difference. Your children may even emulate some of your new behaviors.

What a great 2015 it will be!

From small changes great things can grow.

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