Meditating on the small things | The frequency of gratitude clears fear and promotes peace

Meditating on the small things – a Monday meditation after stressful weekend

Meditating On The Small ThingsMeditating on the small things?

I am enjoying Spring since the area around our lake at the back of the house is literally springing into flower!

The local church couldn’t keep up with watering and spraying turf, so two years ago now they changed over to Kansas prairie wildflowers.

It’s a wonderful place to meditate on the small things – this flower is one example.

Meditating on the small things can be a surprisingly powerful and deep experience

You can meditate on the small things by choosing…

  • something in nature that strikes you as beautiful
  • a small gesture made by another
  • a saying or phrase that resonates
  • simply breathing, the in-and-out-breath.

How to meditate on the small things and get a benefit – even under stress

How to do this and experience a benefit from meditating on the small things…even when it’s really, really difficult and you are stressed out?

Meditating On The Small Things

Callie had an egg from a treat bag – she decided to share it with us at Easter – a beautiful gesture to meditate upon

It’s been a tough weekend, since I live in Wichita, KS and we had some direct hits from a very big tornado on Saturday night.

We were lucky, but others a few miles from our house were not so lucky, although thanks to the sensible nature of people used to the Kansas climate here no-one lost their lives, many did lose property (in some cases all of it) and businesses were hit also.

As I was walking my dachshund this morning (another small thing I meditate on 🙂 ) these words popped into my head and I found myself saying what seemed to be a spontaneous prayer to help me meditate on the small things.

I had felt anxious for most of the weekend and downright fearful on Saturday night and this really helped me clear the anxiety from my body and mind.

Meditating on the small things – clear the energy of anxiety or frustration from the body by generating the frequency of gratitude

Words to help you with this meditation

Dear God, Universal Consciousness, or ______________ (substitute your words here)

I am grateful for____________________ and I add this to my Personal Energy Field.

My ‘fill in the blanks‘ at the time were…

I am grateful for my healthy body and I add this to my Personal Energy Field

I am grateful to be safe and well and I add this to my Personal Energy Field

I am grateful for the clear and mild weather and I add this to my Personal Energy Field

I am grateful for the safety of my family and I add this to my Personal Energy Field

I began to feel progressively better as I continued to pray and focus upon clearing the energy of anxiety from my Personal Energy Field.

I will need to continue the practice of meditating on the small things for a while yet!

Whilst I was typing this the tornado sirens went of for their weekly test and inevitably my heart rate went back up again!

It’s going to be a tough time in Wichita for a while, beginning to understand how people feel in Joplin, Greensburg and other places that have been hit in the past.

Will keep on meditating on the small things…

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  1. I was glad to hear that everyone came out of this latest tornado okay—I know it is cliche, but things can be replaced.
    Isn’t it wonderful to have a journal to turn to in times like this? We are able to express our fears or worries, and then quickly return to focusing on the positive people and other blessings in our lives.

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