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Change the World with One Click World-Changers!

Change the worldChange the World?  How easy is that?

Well I believe that we are more empowered than we have ever been to broadcast the energy of positive change in the world.

I’m currently taking a course with author Amy Ahlers and inspirational MD Lissa Rankin ( to learn more about creating an online business to help myself and ultimately, others.

There I go, trying to change the world!

Actually, it’s easier than most of us think it is to do a little bit to change the world these days, especially with the power of Social Networking and the Internet.

Some easy ways to be a Social Activist and Change the World (at least a little bit) if you feel so moved

Listening to Lissa Rankin on our Visionary Ignition Switch course, I’ve heard her say a few times that “Twitter is the Law of Attraction in Action“.

I really liked that phrase and paid attention to it because I believe she is right.

Change the World

Who are you going to attract on Twitter today?

Twitter may only allow you 140 characters per tweet, but you can choose who to follow or ‘attract’ which will turn to some degree result in who will be attracted to, or follow you.

You can choose who to mention, simply by typing their Twitter name with the @ sign in front, perhaps ‘attracting’ a reply.

And you can immediately join an energy stream or filtered form of activity with hashtags (it’s a word that stands for a group, list, thought or some other kind of gathering of minds with the # sign in front).

Just try #bully for example and you’ll find out more about the new movement to clear the energy of bullying from our society.  No mean feat, that one, but it’s a start and would definitely change the world for the better.

The recent #notbuyingit campaign by registered many people’s displeasure with the use of sexism and sexist ads during the Superbowl – hardly something I would want my children to watch and be influenced by – the Superbowl is family viewing after all.

Change the world in just a few clicks!

Pinterest is great fun – how about changing the world a little  –  make a board for your favorite causes too – raise awareness

I recently pinned a link about Dr Oz recommending reflexology – I don’t have that many followers, but it was repinned over 32 times!

Here’s my Pinterest board with my favorite One-Click World Changers as they stand currently.

The links on this particular Pinterest board enable you (the online social activist ready to change the world!) to

  • Learn about High Fructose Corn Syrup and whether it really is good for you or not – choose to change the world for better health
  • Find out more about corporate bullying (and IMHO greed, basically) with the soon-to-be-made movie about the Eat More Kale t-shirt guy and Chick-Fil-A (Mom On A Spiritual Journey is a backer for this movie!).   I think the movie is going to be fascinating…the trailer alone already got nominated for an award!

When you update a Pinterest board, it automatically passes the updates onto anyone following the board.  A thousand uses for those interested in broadcasting positive energy and who want to change the world!

Social Networking – the Power of One – magnified!

Some great sites to start or find a cause are and

Got some time today to be a one-click world changer?  Get clicking and change the world!

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  1. You know Sarah I read this post a couple days ago, but it wasn’t until yesterday that it really sunk in. These new technologies, facebook, twitter etc are absolute God sends. I’m not sure if the creators of these companies intended on them to have this kind of power, but how wonderful it is that we can all participate in spreading a consciousness of love and hope to people who may not ordinarily receive it.

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