Recreating the Akashic Records – a guest blog post by The Wonders

Have you ever experienced a channeling?

akashic recordsRecently Luke Gorski at the Wonders asked me to write a guest post about my first experience of attending a channeling.  To read the post click here>>

By return Luke and Réné Gaudette, who channels a collective consciousness called ‘The Wonders’ kindly channeled and submitted this blog post for your enjoyment.  It’s about the Akashic Records.

Recreating Akashic Records – The Wonders

(Luke): When we view the Akashic Records, we tend to view them with finality, with a concreteness that everything that has happened to us – every event, every thought, every feeling – has already been recorded, written, and can’t be changed, only experienced.

Much like a book, our existence (which extends beyond this lifetime) is only available for our viewing.

It’s easy to forget, however, that it was our choices that created our Akashic Records in the first place. From that perspective, how would our life change if our book of Akashic Records was a work in progress? What if our Records could be recreated? What if the past life that we believe to be so responsible for our present circumstances could be altered?

Réné Gaudette, who channels The Wonders, a collective consciousness whose teachings create the largest library of channeled teachings, recently made time to ask The Wonders about the Akashic Records. Here’s what they said:

The Wonders on the Akashic Records

“Recognize that it [Akashic Records] is but a tool to allow you to regain your self-empowerment – to regain your power.


For, without your willingness to choose, the Akashic Records itself would not exist.


And it is as a result of that that many individuals, when looking at the Akashic Records, use it as justification for choice rather than realizing that they have the power to choose, and as such, therefore, can change the Akashic Records.


Are they malleable? Yes. Can they be changed? Absolutely. Are they fixed? No.


So it is for you to choose. And as you choose, you’ll recreate those records to your own choices. For yourself, at least.


So see them as a source, as a resource, not as a justification for lack of choice, and you will find yourself gaining substantially on your spiritual journey.”


Rewriting Your Records

Quite simply, you can change all of your Akashic Records based on the choices you make. At least, you can change your own records.


We can resign to the idea that a past life is the reason behind a big fear. We can say, “I had a past life during the Salem Witch Trials where I was burned at the stake (I know, grim – apologies. Bare with me, please!), and that’s why today, I have a fear of people, unfamiliar environments, and the occult”.


“If it wasn’t for that past-life experience, I wouldn’t be so anxious in this life!” But we forget to ask ourselves if there’s another way.


The Wonders suggest,

“It’s good to know past lives and how they interact with your present choices. But past lives are not justification for not choosing presently.”


It’s easy to say our present circumstances are out of our control because, well, it’s karma, it’s a “past life thing”, it’s whatever. But consider that as the author of your book, you can, if you want to, erase, add, edit and change what’s already written.


A question to consider:

• Can the choices you make alter the Akashic Records that do not relate to you?

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The Wonders, a collective consciousness, is channeled by Réné Gaudette. He and his wife Maggie have published three books, created a large audio library of channeled teachings featuring over 4,000 hours of recordings, and offer workshops, study groups, and retreats to help bring The Wonders’ empowering teachings to the world.

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