Remote energy experience with this podcast – powerful or subtle?

Remote energy

This week’s podcast is about experiencing remote energy.  I’ve had many experiences of feeling energy remotely and not knowing what was happening to me.  In the long run on my Spiritual Journey I managed to find ways to answer some of the questions related to my strange experiences.

Some examples of remote energy are

  • knowing somebody is calling you on the ‘phone before they do so
  • knowing something ahead of time – a premonition
  • deja vu (seeing an image of something before it happens)
  • feeling distressed, not knowing why, then later you find out it is related to a loved one.

My experiences of remote energy – learning about energy work

I have learned a lot on the Journey and learning about the EMF Balancing Technique® was a huge step forward for me.  Within our personal energy fields, we have an electromagnetic field that can be sensed and perhaps even influenced by others as well as ourselves on this journey of awakening.  It’s kind of mind-blowing.

On this podcast I talk about my experience learning how to give remote energy sessions.  It was fascinating and really opened my mind to new potentials with the human energy field.

Would you like an experience of remote energy?

On the podcast there’s a short exercise where I send energy remotely.  I’d love to hear about your experience of it.  I use a Universal human template to send the energy.  Let me know what you get.  Until next time!

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