Sharing abundance one coffee at a time – while still setting boundaries

Sharing abundance – somebody paid my bill at Starbucks the other day – and I don’t know who it was

A few days ago I was surprised at my local Starbucks when the person in front of me at the drive thru paid for my order.

My credit card actually flew out of my hand onto the passenger seat I was so surprised!

And then it made me feel really, really good.  A tall decaf latte and a piece of banana nut bread never tasted so sweet, and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face all the way home.

Now that’s one simple way of sharing abundance and I guess paying it forward too (or backwards, as my scientific husband reminded me when I told him about it).

Today I returned the favor to the person behind me – more sharing abundance

I usually go to Starbucks about once a week…it’s a treat for me after school drop-off and makes a little difference in my school-home pickup and drop-off routine.

So today there I was again and I noticed the woman behind me.  She looked very young (to me, anyway – ha!) and a little tired and harassed.  She was riffling around in her purse looking for something.

I got a good feeling so went ahead and paid for her coffee.

It felt EVEN BETTER than when I received mine.  🙂

Thinking back on other times when I have actively focused on sharing abundance

When I used to live in the UK, I regularly commuted to London via Victoria Station.  It’s a big building with a large entrance way and was often a haunt for homeless people seeking a warm place to stand during the winter months.

Most commuters will stand and look for their train to come up on the noticeboard in this large entrance area – and perhaps it still happens today – in my experience I was often approached by a homeless person or somebody down on their luck.

I have never felt comfortable giving people money in this environment, simply because I’m not sure how they are going to spend it.

Take a homeless person to a food vendor or buy them a hot drink – it will (mostly!) be appreciated

When I had time, I would take the person to a nearby food vendor and buy them something hot to eat or drink.  I know it helped the person concerned, at least in that moment and I felt good about it, too.

I lived in Hove, East Sussex for a couple of years and some homeless people would sit outside the local deli there.

I remember buying one guy a sausage sandwich (very British style sandwich, ketchup and all) and when I gave it to him he was totally surprised.

He gave me the hugest grin and despite the fact that he was missing quite a few teeth I still remember it being one of the most loving and genuine smiles I have ever received.  It definitely warmed the cockles of my heart.  Now that is definitely sharing abundance – both ways.

Sometimes the small ways of sharing abundance and giving back can seem really, really big.

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  1. The first time someone did this for me (at a Tim Horton’s drive through), it left such a warm feeling inside that I’ve done it to others many-a-times since. The best was when there were a string of us doing it (having ours paid for, we paid for the car behind) — I can still remember the smile on the cashier’s face, as she told me that I was the 5th car in a row. Wonder what the “record number” is? – smile

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