Soy the hidden filler

Soy, soybean oil and soy lecithin – beware…

Soy is a cheap filler. That’s what one of my friends told me when I mentioned that my youngest daughter has been found to have a soy allergy. I was complaining to her how many foods have soy in them despite the fact that it is a well-know allergen.

Soy the hidden filler

I had a gut feel that my youngest, who is no kidding allergic to every American tree, weed and grass, had something else going on too.

She was getting regular headaches and I couldn’t figure it out. I took her to a neurologist for a checkup (nothing physical, thank g-d) and he suggested we keep a headache diary. He gave us a form and so off we went.

Her headaches were sometimes bad enough that she felt sick and queasy and had to sit outside of the classroom at school. We just weren’t sure what was causing them.

Soy, soy and more soy

After the results of extensive bloodtest with a pediatric allergist, apart from being allergic to every American tree, weed and grass, my youngest was found to have a serious reaction to

  • Tree nuts (no news there, she already carries an Epipen)..
  • Peanuts (same same)
  • Sesame seeds and sesame oil (had figured that one out ourselves over time)
  • Soy. Whaaat?

Soy slips under the radar

Somehow in all my checking for nuts, nuts, more nuts and lately sesame after a bad reaction I hadn’t ever thought of soy, yet it is a common allergen and often causes headaches.

After a cupboard clear out and an ongoing search for soy free food…and only a week of my youngest daughter eating soy free – her headaches have gone!

And these were bad enough that they occurred as often as three times a week…requiring pain relief which worried the neurologist. He told me that Tylenol can cause rebound headaches too if used too often.

They. Are. Gone. After one week of eating soy free.


Foods we changed because soy is a hidden filler

To date we have changed

– all breads in most restaurants and in Dillons, Wichita (even Delano Bakery, I’m sad to say), I could only find one bread in Dillons that was soy free
– all crackers/cookies
– all pizza (unless it’s Amy’s, because thank goodness they don’t add cheap fillers)
– margarine (yes guess what that ‘Healthy’ Brummel and Brown I have been buying has in it…soybean oil
– chocolate…yes, check for soy in chocolate, it is there even in some of the nicest organic brands, we like Alter Eco Dark Velvet which doesn’t contain soy.

I’m sure there will be more.

As a careful label reader and regular organic buyer, I just couldn’t believe how much had slipped under my radar.

Soy – the hidden filler.

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