The Spiritual Awakening is happening and becoming more global

Views by country – a spiritual awakening

spiritual awakeningEach day when I visit my stats page for this blog and review comments and emails it gives me hope that more people are going through a spiritual awakening here on planet Earth.

Now this doesn’t have to be a major thing with chakras exploding or visions happening (although sometimes it is!).

It may just be that you have decided to being to walk the spiritual path…or that red meat no longer appeals to you all of a sudden…or that you are beginning to feel a greater sense of grace and unity with others when you least expect it.

A spiritual awakening is also an energy shift

Yesterday I was chatting with an Akashic Records client.  We both feel heartened by the amount of people who are working on their own personal energy in positive ways…and creating amazing ideas to help improve our planet – even if a lot of the news is still bad.

I believe many people are working really hard on themselves and want a better future for their children.  This is expressing itself here on the planet in any number of ways, from events which are mind-blowing and amazing –  like brain-to-brain communication – to the every day miracles we can all achieve by expressing gratitude and thanks to others.

Brain-to-brain communication achieved as well as a walking suit for a paraplegic boy – spiritual awakening?

If there is one TED video I suggest you watch this year – it’s this one!  The amazing work of Miguel Nicolelis demonstrates truly to us that thoughts are indeed things!  Using the power of thought humans and animals communicate with each other and even move objects, virtual and real.

Now that sounds like a spiritual awakening to me!

An everyday miracle – just as beautiful

James Robertson, a hard working and punctual man in the United States could no longer afford a car…so has spent the last 4 years walking 20 miles each way to his job and has never missed a day.

A computer student from Wayne State University heard about this man’s story and his kind and caring nature and decided to organize a fundraiser online to raise money for a car.

To date the funds are at $230,000.  Read more here>>

I like to think that is pretty miraculous and also very humbling!

Back here at the blog…

I’ve had a lot more people reading the blog and also searching for information on Google….and finding me.  Woo hoo!

Here are yesterday’s google searches which I have linked to the appropriate posts on the blog.

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You can use the search bar on the right to look for other posts.  There are currently over 230 posts on this blog about everything from getting rid of a cold, using reflexology during Akashic Records work and energy balancing.

Do you think our spiritual awakening is moving towards a tipping point?

So, do you think I’m right and that we are moving towards greater spiritual awareness?  If we are not there yet…how can we get there?

What can we do more of and focus upon in order to help all of us achieve more unity and self-awareness than in previous years?

Looking forward to your comments.

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