Are you having a spiritual awakening?

Spiritual Awakening

I often have people contact me after reading a blog post on this site or finding my site at New World Energetics.

They are having a Spiritual Awakening…they may not use those words, IMHO that is what is happening.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

There are many definitions and lists out there on the Internet.

My personal list of definitions to date amount to one or more of these listed below

  • Life is not working for me the way it is currently
  • I feel like there is a ‘hole’ in my life, or my soul
  • Sometimes I feel completely lost and without purpose inside (although no-one else can tell, I just carry on functioning)
  • At other times I feel full of grace or happiness that just seems to have flowed in from an external source somehow
  • All of a sudden I cannot bear to eat certain types of meat
  • I am having these crazy dreams that are so clear and lucid I could be awake
  • In that moment between asleep and awake I hear disembodied voices or music, or see sparkles of light or floating visions in my room
  • I am having premonitions that often come true, sometimes immediately, sometimes within a week or two
  • I am beginning to notice things about other people that I was either blocking or was previously unaware were happening
  • I see, feel, hear or sense messages about other people that I don’t even know personally when I am out in public places
  • I am connecting more deeply with animals
  • I am beginning to get connected with my Soul Purpose – or I know I have one – I just want to know what it is!!

Seem familiar?

Then you may be having a spiritual awakening!

I believe I’ve had several spiritual awakenings in my life….many that i ignored, put off — and some that I put down to an illness…when the illness was actually a symptom of spiritual awakening!

I like Dr BrenĂ© Brown’s account of this from her book Daring Greatly…

In 2007, Dr. BrenĂ© Brown was researching and writing about living a wholehearted life when she realized for the first time she wasn’t walking the walk.

The realization landed her in intensive therapy, where she began to recognize it as a breakdown spiritual awakening.

Breakdown or Spiritual Awakening?

I had something approaching a breakdown in my late 20s, when I realized I wasn’t working in the right profession and my closest personal relationship was not right for me. This manifested as a feeling of depression and helplessness and I took the medical route…going to see my doctor and a psychotherapist for stress issues.

A few years later the same thing happened, even though I had changed my job (which I thought must be the issue and was doing very well financially).

Finally I began to feel more empowered as I became an independent business person and moved away from a troubled relationship.

There are still times when I struggle (since we are all on a journey) – yet my basic happiness is so much greater since I have accepted that I am a spiritual being having a human experience.

How has going through a spiritual awakening manifested for you in your life?

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