Spiritual Cinema Circle | Mindful movies for any Mom On A Spiritual Journey and a great gift for Mother’s Day – first three months are free!

Spiritual Cinema Circle – movies you can feel really good about

Spiritual Cinema CircleSpiritual Cinema Circle is an online service where you can order mindful movies, have them delivered and watch them in the comfort of your own home.

I’ve been a member for a few years now and I find the movies thought provoking and useful for myself (and sometimes for my girls if age appropriate).

Many of the movies have been made by international film-makers.  I like to watch movies from all over the planet, they make a great media diet change from cable tv.

On the Spiritual Cinema Circle for May

The feature movie this month is entitled Sedona, starring Frances Fischer, set in the extraordinary vortex of energy in Arizona, called Sedona.

If you’ve never had the good fortune to visit Sedona it is an amazing and energetic place (my fourth visit will be this summer for the Kryon Summerlight conference).

This movie shows some of the beautiful scenery as well as some of the people who choose to live in Sedona because of the amazing energy there.

To see a clip of the movie, click here for the Spiritual Cinema Circle website.

The other movies included in the Spiritual Cinema Circle DVD for May 2012

The three other movies are also included in the DVD for the May Spiritual Cinema Circle…

  • Deaf Day – a movie made in Syria by a Syrian film-maker about a mother and her son and a very special and unique bond between them.
  • MYuki’s Wind Bell (a story about self-absorbed teenagers made in Japan).  Seems like many teenagers have the potential to be self-absorbed…and these teenagers are from Tokyo!
  • Swing It – a story about an adult grandson and how he finds a deeper connection with his grandma through dance.

Mindful movies from Spiritual Cinema Circle – a great gift for any Mom On A Spiritual Journey on Mother’s Day – first three months are free!

If you sign up for Spiritual Cinema Circle, the first three months worth of movies are free.  DVDs arrive monthly with 4 movies on each DVD.

After the first three months membership cost is $21 per month plus shipping.

Spiritual Cinema Circle is a community and now has subscribers from over 60 countries.  You can discuss movies online on their Spiritual Cinema Circle Facebook page.

Also, because once you receive the movies you own them, you can arrange viewings with friends and enjoy the discussions that result.

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post but I am a Spiritual Cinema Circle affiliate, so if you choose to accept this offer through this site I make a small amount of commission.  I am also a subscriber and watch the movies from Spiritual Cinema Circle.

Spiritual Cinema Circle

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