Super Soul Sunday – new season Fall 2014

Super Soul Sunday is back!

Get ready Super Soulers! Only 4 days left until the premiere of #SuperSoulSunday with Paulo Coelho (@alkmist)! Let the countdown begin!

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Super Soul Sunday

The Alchemist – buy on Amazon

Loving the new viewing opportunities on this Season’s Super Soul Sunday.  After enjoying an interview with Oprah and Paulo Coehlo (author of The Alchemist) there were two half-hour shows called The Help Desk.

The Help Desk

Each desk was ‘manned’ by Deepak Chopra for the first half hour and the Rev. Ed Bacon for the second half-hour.

People lined up and came to ask their questions at the Help Desk

Deepak’s first question was how to deal with the crushing grief of losing a daughter at age 11 to epilepsy – the mother was at the Help Desk asking the question.

She said that other people in her family were connecting with the spirit of her daughter since she had passed…yet she seemed not be able to do so.

I loved Deepak’s answer. He suggested that she close her eyes every day and remember all the happy memories with her daughter – simply keep rerunning those memories.  It would help her to release her grief and honor her daughter simultaneously.

How beautiful.  Such a helpful way to connect with the energy of our Loved Ones.

The Rev Ed. Bacon had some wonderful things to say about the nature of Love

Super Soul Sunday

Buy the 8 habits of love on Amazon

I think I’m going to buy his book!

Here’s an excerpt.

The human spirit, just like the seas, needs to both inflow and out-flow in order to foster life and create energy.  When love flows out from within us, more flows in.  When we open our hearts to love, we not only spread that love to others but also open ourselves to receiving love from others.  Our outflow determines our inflow.   The more we give, the more vital our lives, the bigger our spirits and the deeper our living.  When people are on the receiving end of Generosity, it opens their hearts in a way that is deeply transformative and sends ripples of love outward into the universe.


Rev. Ed Bacon, The 8 Habits of Love



The 8 habits are

  1. The Habit of Generosity
  2. The Habit of Stillness
  3. The Habit of Truth
  4. The Habit of Candor
  5. The Habit of Play
  6. The Habit of Forgiveness
  7. The Habit of Compassion
  8. The Habit of Community

Video excerpt from The Help Desk.  You can watch on Sunday and join in the Twitterverse with the hashtag #HelpDesk.

Then there’s Iyanla Fix My Life!

The wonderful Iyanla Vanzant commenced the season with a Fix It that will be in three parts.  It’s about a guy who has fathered 34 children with 17 different women.

Perhaps he was a king with a harem in a past life!

Looking forward to more Help Desks on Super Soul Sunday.


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