Energetic Projection as a lesson taught by my daughter


What is Energetic Projection? An energetic projection is when we project what we know, understand or believe from our internal reality onto someone else without checking the data first. Energetic Projection – what we think we know In its’ least harmful form it can manifest as “I cooked you the …

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What is a Personal Energy Coach?

online readings via skype or phone

Personal Energy Coach – what is it that you do exactly? Recently a client asked me this question so I decided it was time to write about it! Personal Energy Coaching and New Energy Psychology are both very new areas of work and experience for people, so it stands to …

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Connecting with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self

Spirit Guides – how to connect with them On the Spiritual Journey I have found myself moving from disbelief to belief of my experiences over time. During my ‘weekend spirituality’ period, I would attend workshops and have interesting spiritual experiences – perhaps even connect successfully with my Spirit Guides…then on …

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How the Akashic Records work can help in our everyday life

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records as a Spiritual Practice The Akashic Records.  Yes, yes, that’s all very well, lovely spiritual experiences and all of that…what about REAL life? I get it, I do.  We all have busy lives and stuff to do.  So how can some of this ‘woo woo’ stuff be …

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New Earth Journey opens new Wellness Studio in Augusta, KS

new earth journey

Wichita Alternative Scene This week my colleague Candace Craw-Goldman is opening a new Wellness Studio in August, KS. I met Candace through her QHHT work (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), learned through time with its’ originator, Dolores Cannon.  More about my experience of her workshop here>>. Candace writes…. New Earth Journey …

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What is an empath and what gifts do we have to offer you?

you are dearly loved

Empaths and what we feel There have been several great posts around the internet recently on the subject of being an Empath. My definition of an empath is somebody who can sense something about other people, locations and sometimes animals or plant life, whether it is an uncomfortable sensation… their …

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Evolve with John Edward | Develop your Intuition

John Edward

Ready to Evolve? I’ve recently joined John Edward’s Evolve community. I’ve always loved John’s work – what drew me to join his online community was this 90 day Evolve video program – which is free! John realized that a lot of his subscribers were having trouble viewing the longer Evolve …

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Help stop bullying with this summer read – Larger-than-life Lara by Dandi Mackall

Help stop bullying

Help Stop Bullying – great Summer Read Both my girls read this book and suggested I read it too.  In fact, they were insistent! It’s an easy read for adults and children alike and is a great way to begin to understand the insidious nature of bullying from a child’s …

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How to read my own Akashic Records when I get stuck

Akashic Records Reading

How to read my own Akashic Records If you found this blog post on the internet, you may be interested in learning how to read your own Akashic Records This book by Linda Howe – How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey …

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Does animal communication work?

animal communication

Animal Communication Recently via my colleague Janet Roper at Talk2theAnimals I was introduced to the concept of Animal Communication via the work of Anna Breytenbach. That way I was also connected with a video excerpt from a movie made about Anna and her work telling the story of a black …

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Wichita Holistic Acupuncturist and Zero Balancing Practitioner Marty Golden Goltl

Have you ever wanted to learn more about acupuncture? Marty Golden at Wichita Holistic tells us more about 5 element acupuncture, an ancient art and science of acupuncture practiced for thousands of years in China, now available to us in the West. Podcast interview by Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey.

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