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Service provided – Akashic Records Readings


Irina says:

My Akashic Records Reading with Sarah was an amazing experience both spiritually and mentally. 


The insights on my family issue that she provided were truly precious and resulted in noticeable positive changes…


Now, two months later looking at my notes from the reading I’m finding deeper meaning to her words and suggestions: I guess Akasha (and Sarah) keep working with me long after the session is over!  Irina Grundler, EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner.


Monica says:

Although I have had numerous sessions with intuitives over the years I have not had one that focused on my Akashic Record. I was excited to see how this reading would be different.


My session with Sarah was very detailed and fascinating.  We discovered why I don’t like things around my neck (strangled in 2 past lives), who I was in one of my past incarnations, and my overall life purpose in this life.  


Sarah provided me specific details, referenced numerous resources and validate what my inner pilot light has already been telling me. 


Sarah also did some work to connect me to a who I was in a former life and removed any negativity that came from my passing in that life. 


I found the session to be spot on, healing and relevant. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who is interested in an Akashic Records reading.


Monica Wilcox, author at Femmetales.com


Julie says:

I went to Sarah for help with moving house, as I’ve been struggling for a few years to find the right house and I thought it might help to access the Akashic Records for any advice or direction.


I know that the records exist outside time and space but still thought a specific question was worth trying anyway.


The reading didn’t give me direct answers as expected but it definitely felt that the MTLO’s knew me and knew what I needed to hear at that time to help me find my house.  Exactly a week later I had a viewing for “the” house, that I’ve since bought and I’m now very happily living in.


The reading offered more than just help with moving.  It also gave confirmation for a new career direction which I wasn’t expecting. 


Ultimately the outcomes weren’t what I specifically asked about but what I needed to hear at that time. It was an inspiring and very helpful experience.


Ellen says:

Sarah has worked with me over the past year and I have found it to be a profoundly amazing experience. 


I’ve learned through the opening of my Akashic records, how previous lives correlate to events/situations in my life today and how I can leverage and grow from this knowledge to achieve favorable results.


In the process, I’ve come to know many of the members of my soul/karmic family group and how we interrelate through lifetimes in helping one another to learn the life lessons intended.  All of this has been channeled through Sarah with divine grace.  I sincerely thank her and the masters she works with in bringing this knowledge to me.


Ellen Carey, USA

Service Provided – Akashic Foundations Coaching Course

Priya says:

Working with Sarah has been wonderful.  Every reading & session has brought greater meaning & resonance to my life.

Sarah has a truly wonderful energy, she makes you feel totally at ease and has endless patience.


I always have questions and things to share sometimes several weeks after the sessions and Sarah always makes the time to reply and provide useful insight. 


I have learned so much about myself in such a short space of time – truly life changing.


Thank you Sarah, for all your support and guidance so far on my spiritual journey to find myself.

 Priya Shah, UK

Service provided – Energy Work

Catherine says:

Strong (+) e1. Strong, (+) emitting E N E R G Y Being.  I hope my response, somehow contributes to your wondrous online business journey.  MISS YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF & TALENTED WORK, BEING NOW CROSS-COUNTRY! XOXOXO.  Catherine Vestraci, RN, BC. Reflexology Teacher and Practitioner, Southern MD.


Nancy says:

Strong healer and intuitive.  Well read and open to a variety of information and topics.  Nancy Hickman, Counselor and Intuitive, Inner Light and Wisdom, MD.


Liz says:

EMF Balancing is a wonderful way to recharge and get back on track. I highly recommend Sarah for this modality.  Liz Stasieczko, Owner at LizardLand Holdings, LLC.



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