The Akashic Wisdom of Trees | By Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

The Akashic Wisdom of Trees

Tree poem podcast Mom On A Spiritual Journey

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Ah how beautiful it is to see

The energy of a tree

As the leaves unfurl

They loosen and uncurl

The energy is released

The sense of flow does not cease

Time and space embodied you see

In the slow growth of a tree

Here we are on Planet Earth

Where the beauty of Trees continues to give birth

Do we notice them on our daily walks?

Do we include them in our daily talks?

Do we feel them when they sense us near?

Do we listen to what they have to hear?

Ah trees, Your Akashic Wisdom is so deep

The beauty is close to making me weep

But it uplifts me to know that as points of light

You circle the planet

And with your energy unite

Talking with us, deep and clear

You give us oxygen, you have no fear.


Sarah Lawrence Hinson

About Sarah Lawrence Hinson

A Mom On a Spiritual Journey! Sarah writes about modern spiritual practice and alternative wellness. Check out the podcasts too. She offers Akashic Records Readings, Energy Work and Intuitive Work via Skype at 'NewWorldEnergetics' or phone at 316 247 4144.


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