The H1N1 vaccine, angiodysplasia, shingles and moms/mums of all ages

The H1N1 Vaccine is the inspiration for this blog believe it or not

I found some more recent research about the H1N1 vaccine last week which I think is worth a read and I’ll include in another blog post, and it made me think about sharing my family’s personal H1N1 vaccine story also.  It’s all food for thought.

My mother Margaret was not in the best of health last year, she was 82 and working through something called angio-dysplasia of the colon, which is a condition where the colon wall becomes thin and lesions occur, resulting in blood loss from surrounding blood vessels into the colon.

Shingles can be a sign of angiodysplasia – that means the immune system is working harder – think twice before taking a shot like the H1N1 vaccine

In 2009 my mother suffered from a bout of shingles (from the herpes/zoster virus e.g. chickenpox).  This appeared all over one hand and arm and affected her nerves there, causing tingling and pain and being very uncomfortable.

Her doctor was very observant and suggested a blood test, since often angiodysplasia can cause anemia – because of the unnoticed blood loss through the colon.  The person then becomes run down and develops shingles.  So, in this case, the shingles was the symptom, not the cause.

Iron rich foods and supplements can help angio-dysplasia

The doctor then recommended a course of iron tablets to help balance the blood loss from the colon, which did help my mother somewhat, but reduced her ability to taste foods.  She was always a keen cook, and enjoying growing fresh fruits and veggies in her own back garden when younger.

This helped her for a while, but I think other iron-rich food supplements would have helped also.  I sent her supplements but she didn’t take them unfortunately, or the homeopathic remedies I sent.

I think honestly at that stage she needed more care and attention, which I couldn’t give from the other side of the Atlantic.

At a regular health check-up and after a blood test – it was suggested that my mum have the H1N1 vaccine (she was 82)

My mum was then on a program of regular health check-ups and the occasional blood test to check her iron levels and ensure that she wasn’t headed back into becoming anemic.

It was at one of of these health check ups that the nurse practitioner suggested mum have the H1N1 vaccination.

I’ve checked my dates and think this was either late February or early March of 2010.

I had warned my mother off taking the H1N1 vaccine due to lack of research

I was worried about the H1N1 vaccination, as were many people who have studied alternative practices.

The research was not in depth, and the H1N1 vaccine from my perspective was promoted using a fear campaign to push through a very new vaccine to a worldwide population in a very short period of time.

Something to notice when new vaccinations come on the market – start googling – somebody’s life may depend on it.

I called my mother on a weekly basis, or more, to keep in touch.  One day in Feb/March of 2010, she said “You’re going to be angry with me, but I got talked in to taking the H1N1 vaccination”.

She then went on to say that a few days later she started to suffer terrible stomach and back pains and wasn’t sure she could take any more and told me over the phone that the pains started immediately she had the H1N1 vaccination.

A few days after telling me this on the phone she went to the doctor and was hospitalized via the ER.

The doctors thought she was having a gallbladder attack, but after tests they discovered a shadow on her pancreas and diagnosed pancreatic cancer.

I traveled to the UK in May of 2010 and with help transferred her to a hospice, where she passed away in July 2010.

Did the H1N1 vaccine cause my mum’s pancreatic cancer?

I don’t know for sure.  What I do know for sure is that having the H1N1 shot speeded her decline into ill health and caused her enormous suffering.

What I also know for sure is that shortly after returning from my mother’s funeral in the UK in early August 2010, I met somebody in a local store (Wichita’s Dillons) who’s aunt had died directly after receiving the H1N1 shot.

I have also had a client’s daughter whom I helped with reflexology (her daughter is 15) who experienced health issues and body pains after receiving the H1N1 vaccine last year.  This my personal experience of the H1N1 vaccine, and I am just one person.

Did you know that the H1N1 vaccine was automatically included in flu shots during the Winter of 2010?

I was shocked to hear that the H1N1 flu shot was automatically included in flu shots this Winter for ‘greater convenience’.

I mentioned it to my parents-in-law as soon as I found out, and they had received their shots the day before.  Neither of them had been told by their doctor that the shot included the H1N1 vaccine.

In Memoriam

H1N1 Vaccine

Margaret Elizabeth Hubbard (nee Lawrence), January 3rd 1928-July 27th 2010

My mother Margaret was a health-focused person who liked fresh food, grew a lot of her own food and even kept bees in later life.

She stayed healthy by walking and riding her bike and did her best to use natural remedies.

I always remember the hot bread she would bring back from the local bakery on a Saturday morning by taking an early morning bike ride.

She always fed the birds in the back garden, grew beautiful roses and was connected with nature.

I know everyone passes sometime, but I also know that she deserved better than the end exacerbated by the H1N1 vaccine.

Please pass this information on to anyone to whom you feel it may apply.  Thank you for reading.

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  1. Found yuor web blog through AOL. You already know I will be signing up to your rss feed.

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  7. I agree with you. My boyfriend had been getting flu shot for the past 14 years. This year 2013 about a week and a half ago he got another flu shot . A few days later he was saying that his back was hurting really bad for no reason. He too had stomach pains. I took him to urgent care on tuesday, they released him with pain meds. On friday morning he was found dead. Time of death was said to be on Wednesday. They said he had a tumor on his pancreas. He was 49, I truly believe that the flu shot and pretty much all vaccines do more harm than good. I know several people who pets were in good health died within two weeks of getting vaccines.

    • Charli,

      First of all let me say how sorry I am for your loss. That must have been a terrible shock for everybody.

      Yours is not the only story I have heard about people in relatively good health becoming very sick after this shot. It (and the Gardasil shot) also uses new technology which is relatively untested, along with the additives such as mercury that get injected directly into the blood stream.

      I believe that these shots go straight to any body weaknesses and start attacking them – as in my mum’s case with the angiodysplasia…she had thinned arteries in the small intestine and colon walls which were leaking blood into the digestive system…the contents of the shot circulated in her system, entered those areas and the pancreas reacted.

      Thank you for being brave enough to comment in this time of your loss. I think it’s time for me to write an update on this subject.

      Love and light to you and yours in this difficult time


  8. Hi,
    I am a doctor and i think, it’s good to see sometimes such articles on your blog.

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