The story of your life is never ordinary

The story of our lives

storyLast night I was trying to fit it all in. Work, be with family, cook a nice dinner (worked out well – chicken and apple sausages with green peppers and pasta).

I missed out on a seminar I really wanted to listen to though. Sometimes family priorities just need to take over. So this morning I woke up and heard the inner voice. I’d just had a really good scrambled up dream about taking a PhD, which only took a week in my dream, Jennifer Aniston was there helping me pick the perfect pair of jeans and I stood up to bullies who tried to film me going to the bathroom. What can I say, all normal operations inside my head!

The voice of the Higher Self in the morning

I’ve had this voice talk to me in the morning before. One time it said

“She needs to read the book.”


Very helpful spiritual guidance when I have a HUGE spiritual book habit. Anyway, later on I found out that the guides meant ‘The book of life’, e.g. the Akashic Records.

So I digress.

This morning I woke up to

“I need to stand within the force of my being. This is the ground of my being. Be there”.


Well that’s interesting. I have been working on physical integrity with some new body work (Pilates) and it has opened my eyes to how I often twist, warp or plain stress my body out in the presence of other energies, people, places and circumstances.

If you haven’t tried Pilates it’s worth researching by the way. The basic principle is to create core strength and resilience within all the muscles at the center of the body (not your limbs, but the trunk of the body). And not just those abs I like to refer to as the ‘Justin Biebers’. They are just at the surface. Just in!

Sorry, digressing again!

So, I need to stand within the force of my being. Often I take a moment to float in the sleep state because I can chat with my guides and receive useful inspiration. The other message I got this morning which came in as a feeling was

My story is extraordinary and so is yours

Now that might sound like an ego position, but that’s not it at all. I lead an interesting life, but that’s not what I’m getting at.

What my guides were telling me is that I don’t need to listen to another seminar to really get benefit from my life. I need to listen to my own story. All my life lessons, all my knowledge, the force of my being, the ground of my being is all there already.

Everybody’s energy is different and individual, just like their fingerprints, just like their DNA. And so is yours, so is mine too. I learn this over and over with my Akashic Records work, from my personal work within the Records and my work with clients.

We hold extraordinary stories within us just waiting to be told. So I’m waiting to see what happens next when I continually stand within the force of my being.

The story of your life is never ordinary. It’s extraordinary. Check it out!

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