Walking meditations for Mom

Well, I’ve been working away on this blog’s structure, and waiting, and waiting to post. Today seems to be the day to start, however, even though my links aren’t finished on some pages. So…neither is my house particularly clean or all the laundry done…but that doesn’t stop me living in it and wearing clothes! :-0

Have been practicing walking meditations when weather allows. I have two subdivisions I can walk around easily from home here in Wichita, KS, spotting everything from a turtle sunning itself on a rock, to a lone Monarch butterfly, and super-powered Kansas grasshoppers that bounce away as soon as I walk by.

Interesting how focused walking can clear the mind and allow thoughts to flow. When I’m stuck, it’s what I do these days. I’m wearing a pair of those odd-shaped exercise shoes to tone the body (no names, no packdrill) and did discover in the midst of my walking meditation that they don’t hold traction in the mud. Almost a very undignified butt-plant whilst aiming for spiritual centeredness…but I saved myself.

Two thirds of the way around, (I walk for about an hour) I realised that I was in the middle of an energy/sugar drain. My bad for skipping the protein for breakfast.

So I focused on some of the Donna Eden energy exercises I’ve been learning, since the body experience I get is shakes and a sense of weakness in the legs and throat area. Some K-27 thumps, and Thymus Thumps, plus some visualization work around the root and throat chakras, and I was two thirds better. Thank you, Donna! Donna Eden, Energy Medicine for Women.

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