What is the Causal body?

The Causal Body?

I recently reviewed this book Highly Intuitive People: 7 Right-Brain Traits to Change the Lives of Intuitive-Sensitive People
by Heidi Sawyer.

Here’s a link to the review if you want to learn more about the book>>

In the book, the author (a practicing intuitive of 20 years standing) talks about the Causal Body — an aspect of our Personal Energy Field — and describes it as follows

We all have an inner child and an adult self….As the intuitive self develops, it provides a contact between these two parts of the self.


The adult occasionally hears the child calling; the child feels that somewhere the ‘parent’ is waiting. This gives the child hope; it searches further as it ‘knows’ the parent will find it.


These two parts of the self translate as the child (personality) and adult (soul).


When these two parts of the self find each other they unite, merging into a unified soul energy, a realization of what is known in Eastern philosophy as the Causal Body….


The Causal Body is known as the highest subtle energy body housing the true soul. It is responsible for the highest creative aspect and the deepest part of the soul essence, where our true inner self manifests. Our wisdom is stored here.


Your Akashic Records and the Causal Body

This concept is new to me and also seems to be a key for some deep healing, so I became fascinated by the idea and decided to ask my Masters, Teachers and Loved ones in my Akashic Records to comment.

Hello Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones! Please tell me more about the Causal Body and how to consciously work with this aspect of our Selves.

“These two parts of Our Selves, the adult and inner child are always connected from the Akashic perspective.

When we incarnate and live in the Planet Earth schoolroom, these parts can become fragmented, separated and divided by trauma, programming and personal choice.


If somebody tells you ‘not to be a baby’ you may let go of a connected piece of your inner child aspect because – and this is the part of the event that is the good idea – you want to fit in! Everybody wants to fit in when they are younger.


You don’t lose this inner child piece, or other pieces that are let go, because they are always connected in multi-dimensionality, but in 3D they are ‘apparently’ separated.


The adult part of ourselves can be broken, thwarted and lost – or there can sometimes be a refusal by the other parts of ourselves, including the inner child, to assume the responsibilities that come with being an adult on planet Earth.


These fragmented pieces can float about in the aura, knocking into each other or into other people’s lost and fragmented pieces, sometimes cause triggering, more pain and disassociation, or in the more hopeful scenario, healing and greater wholeness.


From the Akashic Energy Perspective as we said earlier, the Causal Body is always whole and healed. Think of it as an energetic internet superhighway between our younger and older selves. They are different aspects of us so why not communicate and pass information and data between them? We never know what we might learn!


To consciously work with the Causal Body…

— play something you loved as a child and love and appreciate it yourself for it from an adult perspective

— consider including more spontaneity where appropriate in your adult daily responsibilities

— spend time watching children play in a park if you don’t spend time with children in your daily life

— ask your own children about their favorite aspects of being a child and how they think they might choose to continue that energy onwards into their adult life

— consider any ‘broken pieces’ you believe you may have as the adult inner self, or inner child, and — consider meditating on those aspects to gain greater clarity.

You are dearly loved!”

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