Why an Akashic Records Reading honors the past and helps our future – with a little help from Hobby Lobby!

Akashic Records Reading

Those of you who read this blog a little more than occasionally know that I have become passionate over the last few years about reading the Akashic Records as a Spiritual practice.

But why?

I found this set of stickers at Hobby Lobby last week and they really help explain why.

OK, I’ll admit it, I was there to buy gouache to fancy up my journal for Brené Browns online course The Gifts of Imperfection…and whilst I was in the sticker aisle (it is no kidding a BIG Hobby Lobby) I found these!  (See picture above).

Honoring the Past

As an Akashic Records Reader these Hobby Lobby stickers quite made me tear up.

Reading the Akashic Records is honoring all of our past experiences from this life and even Past Lives.

Using a technique a bit like an ATM cash tube calledl Opening the Column of Light (kind of feels like that to me energetically when people’s past live aspects ‘drop’ into the tube) we can ask questions of our Past Lives through an Akashic Records Reading.

Perspective is an amazing thing.   What if you found out that one of your greatest fears has basis in a Past Life experience, or even a series of Past Lives?

Usually this correlation is made by you, the client, when I mention something from the Records that you can relate to. I prefer it that way, then the information is more validatable than if you tell it to me. It’s really my job to describe it to you!

Family Tree

It’s amazing to me how accurately the Akashic Records actually RECORD everything, right down to family trees.  It’s my job to trust what I’m given.

So far in all the readings I’ve given, my recitation of family tree structure to clients (whether on Skype or locally here in Wichita) has been accurate.

If there were ever errors, I believe it would be down to my interpretation of the information as a human, not from the Information given by the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones in the Akashic Records.

Treasures Of Yesterday

Sometimes the Akashic Records will remind us of childhood memories that are precious and dear to us, and valuable in the context of a Reading.  I cannot begin to tell you how valuable an experience this can be for a client who is working on emotional clearing of the past.

Our Legacy

Some clients who ask for a reading with me have legacy thinking in mind.  They want to clear unhelpful ancestral patterns or behaviors from their lives and their Personal Energy Fields in order to assist themselves and the next generation in the evolution of human consciousness.

Our Heritage

It is so powerful to know more about why we are who we are.  Often an Akashic Records Reading will reveal so much that has always been known at the Soul Level and yet has not (until now) been bought into conscious awareness for the client.

I believe that the desire to learn our Soul Level Truths is one of the drives that brings a client in for a reading.


Our ancestors may be around us as Loved Ones (those who have passed over and who are helping us from the Akashic Realm). Several times from different unrelated psychics who don’t know each other, I have been told that my Great-Aunt Faith is around me as a benevolent guardian to help me with this life.

Within an Akashic Records Reading, Loved Ones come through as a group energy rather than an individual spokesperson.

Notes from the Past – the Akashic Realm

The amazing thing about the Akashic Realm – it records everything. Did we base the internet on an unconscious awareness of the Akash? Who is to say…

Once Upon a Lifetime

How many lifetimes have we lived? Often people gain a benefit from a Past Life Reading through the Akashic Records, whether they hold a belief that we have Past Lives or not. It helps clients to express hidden sides or parts of themselves that need healing or exploration.

Amazing what one can find at Hobby Lobby when one is a Mom On A Spiritual Journey….

Interested in an Akashic Records Reading Online?  A half-hour reading is $40, an hour long reading is $80.  Click here for more details.


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